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about me

Graham Elkin is a Psychic, Medium , Healer and Author with over 25 years of expertise in the area. He has helped thousands of people using a range of bespoke Sound Healing Frequencies.



I have had abilities since I was 13 years old. It has developed over a lifetime into what it is today. Reading is natural to me, I instantly connect, I don't need a date of birth or information to answer your questions. I read energy without cards, and my answers are not vague but to the point. It's very easy to see what people want to hear, but needing to hear the truth is paramount to me. I see things from different perspectives, and that can sometimes be the answer you need. I mostly used to read live but the last 8 years I have worked online and completed 20000 reads on one site alone. I also help people develop their abilities, and guide them through their spiritual path.

You can read more about my healing on the Healing page and feel free to take a look at my downloadable courses on the Healing Courses

Graham Elkin

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