7 Mystical Sound Tools That Will Help You Get Over Heartbreak

Dealing with heartbreak pain is a hard thing and getting over heartbreak is even harder. The pain feels as real as physical pain. It feels just like the heart has been emblazoned with tiny little hooks that are being wrenched out one painful second after the other. Heartbreak is a loss that evokes feelings such as confusion, anger, depression, despair, longing and even denial. All this chaos magnifies our need for support, understanding and comfort.  One way of meeting this need is through sound healing.

From the beginning of time, ancient cultures all over the world have used sounds for healing and transforming consciousness. Their use dates back to ancient civilizations in Egypt, Greece, China and India and is based on the idea that the body’s energy can be rebalanced through pure deconstructed sound.  The modern world of therapy has come to recognize the importance of sound healing. A study conducted by The British Academy of Sound Therapy, cited by The Guardian, shows that sound therapy has a deeply calming effect on stressed out people.

So, if you’ve been thinking about how to overcome heartbreak and depression, this article will show you seven mystical instruments from around the world that can help ease your pain. However, before checking out these powerful mystical tools, let’s first see how sound healing therapy can help in dealing with the pain of heartbreak.

How Sound Healing Therapy Can Help You Heal from Heartbreak

Sound has the capability of being a healing, nourishing food for our body, mind and soul. It has a powerful effect on our feelings. Sound can set a mood. The sound aspect of yoga promotes quiet concentration, while that encountered in High Intensity Interval Training (or HIIT) gets us moving.  Some sounds can make us feel better than others; they can make it easy for us to relax, which influences our sympathetic nervous system.  Contrast the reaction of our body to the trickle of water in a creek to that of the unrelenting bang of a jackhammer, for example.

7 Mystical Sound Tools That Will Help You Get Over Heartbreak FI

Sound healing involves a range of therapies in which sound is used for treating mental and physical conditions. Components of these strategies include music and sound wave vibrations.

Music is something innate in us; it was neither invented or discovered. It is a universal language that does more than cutting across cultural lines. It speaks to us, to our soul and our heart. It can arouse the feeling of comfort, excitement, relaxation and motivation.  To break it down into a simpler form, music is therapy, it heals. Music doesn’t just help lift the spirit; it also enhances the healing process through the use of vibrations and sounds.

Therefore, it is no surprise that sound healing has been using music for centuries as a therapy to ease the mind out of negativity and discomfort.  According to Elite Daily, the waves of the sound are said to calm the nervous system and subtly balance the  body. So, if you’ve been wondering about how to get over a breakup, sound therapy can be the way for you.

According to The New York Times, sound healing uses vibrations of the human voice and objects that resonate to go beyond relaxation and promote healing. When an individual’s healthy resonant frequency becomes imbalanced, their mental and physical health is affected.  Sound waves help restore healthy balance by transmitting beneficial sounds to the affected area. Its use of frequency, noise, sounds, rhythm, voice vibration, timbres, ultrasound and the different instruments can realign a person into his or her natural harmony and balance.

The laws of physics tell us that everything in life vibrates. And sound itself is a vibration. The instruments used in sound therapy can influence us on a cellular level by the vibrations they transmit. Some sound healing instruments help us transition from the brainwave pattern associated with flight-or-fight reflexes and anxiety (Beta Brain Wave Pattern), to calmer frequencies – Alpha (relaxation), Theta (meditation), or Delta (trance-like state) brain waves.

What does all this mean?

It translates to this: with the help of certain musical and sound instruments, you can access a more rejuvenated, revived and serene state of mind that promotes:

  • Heightened spirituality
  • Mental and emotional balance
  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Revitalization and clarity
  • Deep personal transformation
  • Feeling of wellbeing
  • Relief from discomfort
  • Improved sleep (both in quantity and quality).

The overall effects of these elements will help in dealing with heartbreak pain.

So, let’s travel back through cultures and ages to discover the healing melodies of mystical instruments that can help heal your broken heart.

Tuning Forks

The history of the use of tuning forks as a healing therapy dates back to 1711. Tuning forks aren’t just used for pianos; they can help tune your body.

Imagine this: your body is an orchestra and the various parts of your body – your cells, glands and organs vibrate at their specific frequencies that correspond with musical notes. To free you from any mental or physical disorder, your body produces a harmonious tone. However, sometimes there is discordance in some parts of the body, in which case  your body can be brought back to alignment with the use of certain tuning forks that are placed near the affected organs to raise the pitch and vibration of that area to clear energy blockage.

heartbreak triage Tuning Forks

Tuning forks can help balance your energy by producing sound waves that vibrate and travel deep into the body along energy pathways. The vibrations travel to touch bones, cells, muscles and tissues which help to heal physical and emotional illnesses.

The forks are tuned to the frequency of the Moon, Sun, Earth and Planets to help align people’s minds with the sounds of the cosmos. Today they are quite popular in sound healing therapy for promoting harmony and wellbeing as well as balancing and aligning the human energy field.  This system can provide a deep sense of relaxation and relief that can help in dealing with heartbreak pain, bring the nervous system to balance and promote mental concentration and clarity.


This sound healing instrument goes back thousands of years  to ancient Africa. It is usually referred to as the thumb piano and is made of metal keys and wood. When played, the sound it produces is very similar to that of a harp, and the vibrations from the sound go into the body to get rid of stagnant energy and emotional  blocks. The sound is reminiscent of lullabies and music boxes and in Zimbabwe is believed to heal mental illness.

how to get over heartbreak kalimba

Tibetan Sound Healing Bowls

Now, you must be thinking, first forks, now bowls? Using forks and bowls for anything other than dinner might seem like utter nonsense, but the sounds produced by the Tibetan bowl have been known to calm and repair the mind, boost  mood, reduce stress and anxiety, improve breathing and circulation, and alleviate aches and pains.

Singing bowl therapy dates back to the 12th century and was very popular in the pre-Buddhist culture of the Himalayas for ceremonial, ritual and meditation purposes. These mysterious and powerful bowls are used for meditation and healing and have been produced in countries like Afghanistan, Burma, China, India and Mongolia.

Traditionally, they are made with seven metal alloys that produce a rich sonic vibration that is believed to cause an alteration in time, space and mind. They have a great effect on the body, mind and soul. And according to Feeling Soul Good, the sound produced by them can permeate and awaken the cellular memory with healing energy.

Do you know that sound waves travel four times faster in water than air?

how to heal a broken heart Tibetan Sound Healing Bowls

Why is this important?

Well, since our body consists of about 80%  water, you get to experience better and deeper levels of release, as the sound from the bowl travels quickly through your body to promote healing. Upon being struck, the bowl produces sound vibrations that release, revitalize and synchronize the frequency within an individual, which makes it great for treating mental imbalances. They can re-equilibrate an energetic field and can provide a sonic massage on the body. The rhythm, vibration and tune, slow down the breath and heart rate and  brainwaves to produce a deep sense of calm and wellbeing that can help in dealing with the difficulties of heartache.


The use of the gong as a powerful therapeutic tool for alleviating physical, spiritual and emotional pain dates back to 4,000 B.C. Although records have shown that they are often used for entertainment, i.e. sporting events, their importance in sound healing, meditation, chakra balancing and yoga has also been found noteworthy.

The gong is rich in undertones and overtones. However, the sounds can be quite harsh if not played properly. The complex vibrations it produces are tuned to the frequencies of the planet. They resonate in harmony with the rhythm of the cosmos to support the natural body frequencies, thereby promoting deep healing.

how to get over a breakup gong


The earliest record of the existence of the didgeridoo  dates back to about 1500 years ago in Australia. The aboriginal healing instrument produces deep, resonant sounds that connect an individual to his physical body.  It was an indigenous tool used for ceremonial and spiritual purposes. In western healing, didgeridoos are used for concentration and unblocking energies in healing and meditation techniques.

The instrument is played using a breathing and humming action and positioned over an individual’s solar plexus. When played on the body, the vibrations penetrate deep within to relax the brain. And this automatically influences the body by placing the nervous system in a sympathetic state ready for healing. This helps clear emotional and energetic stagnation to promote mind-body healing.

how to get back with ex Didgeridoo

Native American Flute

Just as the name suggests, this healing tool is from native America. It is quite popular in modern day music and sound healing therapy for promoting internal harmony. It emits a calm and emotive sound that is believed to alleviate anxiety and depression, reduce stress and lower the breath rate, heart rate and blood pressure.

how to overcome heartbreak Native American Flute


Tinchas are hand-held cymbals whose use can be traced to the Tibetan Buddhist and shamanic traditions. The shamans used tinchas to rid the environment of any disturbing energy and bring auras into harmony.  The sounds made from striking the cymbals together were also used to signal the start or end of a meditation or ritual session. These days, they function as a sound therapy tool for transforming dense energy patterns in the etheric field. They initiate and awaken healing on all levels and generate a portal into the mental, physical and spiritual reality.

Wrapping Up

This exploration of 7 variations of mystical sound healing instruments show that the therapeutic effects of sound healing frequencies are part of a tradition that goes back centuries. Well-documented, and increasingly being rediscovered in the world of modern therapy, these techniques are designed to cut through emotional blocks and stagnant energy to produce a more balanced and healthy state of mind.

Heartbreak Triage offers a carefully thought out, comprehensive approach with customised sound healing frequencies that address a whole range of issues surrounding the pain of heartbreak. So the great news is that if you don’t have access to any of the 7 tools or instruments discussed above, HT offers you an easy way to experience the benefits that sound healing frequencies provide.

In addition to recovering from heartbreak and achieving a great sense of well-being, you might also get the opportunity to heal a host of other ailments and conditions that you may have subconsciously accepted as a permanent part of your life. HT addresses related aspects such as self-esteem: a free self-esteem healing frequency to help you in dealing with heartbreak pain is available now. You can claim your free copy here.

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