All You Ought to Know About Synchronicity

How many times have you glanced at the time on your phone and seen repeating numbers like 11:11 and thought to yourself – what a coincidence? At that moment, these are just numbers without any particular meaning, but they do catch our attention and stir some curiosity every time. We may go through the week and see the same numbers on a shopping receipt, our bank account, in addresses, in books or we just keep seeing 11 : 11 on the clock all the time – these numbers seem to follow us somehow.  Is there a reason why repeated numbers keep showing up?

Psychologist Carl Jung once said that in all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order. He believed that everything around us is somehow connected. Nothing is a mere coincidence and everything we experience in life has a purpose and there are certain types of occurrences that are connected. Sometimes we know what the purpose is from the very beginning, but sometimes we are yet  to discover that purpose. On our path to finding a purpose, certain events happen that dictate our path, and sometimes these signals or events are not as conscious as we would like to believe.

All You Ought to Know About Synchronicity

Even if some events seem unlikely to occur together, once they do, they occur in a meaningful manner and without a cause, and seeing repeated numbers is no exception. There is a link between everything that happens around us, to us and for us. This is called a synchronicity and it is a part of collective unconscious.

We experience synchronicity much more than we realise. When we keep seeing recurring numbers, we are reminded that we are connected with the divine, with the Universe and these numbers are alerting us and reminding us that there is something in our life that is calling for our attention. In other words, each and every one of these numbers carries a message, has a meaning and is there to help us on our life path. All numerical repeated sequences carry unique subliminal messages – It is a way the Universe connects with us, gives us signals, clues and direction, and each of these numbers carries positive vibrations. In a way synchronicities are patterns  which keep repeating in time, only to help us evolve to higher consciousness.

11:11 Meaning : Why Do We Keep Seeing These Numbers?

Synchronicity is the invisible guide and repetitive numbers are one of its forms. The collective unconscious is limitless and transpersonal, and events we dismiss as coincidences actually have a complex connection to the depths of our psyche. We receive signs through events which are gently reminding us that we are on the right path in life, right where we are supposed to be,  or alerting us to pay attention to something that will get us back on track .Those who believe in angels and archangels know that if you are feeling  lost, stuck in life or discouraged, and you keep seeing 11:11, they are there to guide you on your path. So, what does 11 11 mean in the Bible  and other spiritual works?There are interesting interpretations of scripture readings based on the significance of 11:11, just as various theories are ascribed to the numbers 1, 11 and 1111 in disciplines such as Tarot and Numerology.

Number 1 is a powerful symbol. It marks new beginnings, and carries the energy that drives self-confidence and assertiveness. It is about oneness with life, our individuality, motivation and drive as well as courage.  When this number gets magnified by four, we are called to pay attention to our thoughts and reality, as we are on the right path to spiritual awakening and our spirit guides are trying to contact us and support us. We are ready for abundance and spiritual growth, and are just where we are supposed to be in life at that very moment. When we see 1111 the Universe is trying to connect directly with our higher selves and support us.

Seeing these numbers is a good omen and when the Universe keeps connecting with us through 1111, we need to become more aware of our thoughts and actions, because the way we think shapes our reality. It is all about redirecting energy and reframing it, so it becomes aligned with our true desires. This is the wake up call to dive deeper into ourselves and the  11 11 spiritual awakening number wants us to become more conscious and pay attention to what  is happening around us, to be more grounded, and embrace awareness, as good things are on our way.

1111 wants to let us know that we are part of the great divine, the masters of our own souls, and to pay attention to our thoughts because what we think manifests and creates our reality. This is possible because 1111 is connected with the 12 universal spiritual laws which allow us to align with our higher self. These laws are about clarity, healing, intention, prosperity, blessings and repeating numbers are our guides to these divine gifts.

Soul Connections and 11:11

Number 1111 is also one of the twin flame signs. It marks spiritual growth and announces the entrance of new, positive energies in our lives. This is a highly intuitive number and once we become open to its energies and start the process of spiritual awakening, we start tuning in and opening the gates to change, transformation and growth. We see 11:11 meaning soul mate or a twin flame is about to enter our life.

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These repeating numbers usually start occuring in the first stages of a twin flame journey. It is not uncommon to start seeing this highly tuned number during preparation phases, as well as during the Dark night of the soul, when we feel lost, hopeless or depressed, aimlessly wandering through life. When we lose faith in life and love, we go through spiritual desolation, which is why in these dark times our spirit guides are sending us encouragement, support, guidance and motivation. This is a necessary phase on our path and one of the twin flame reunion signs.

On our journey to reunion with our twin flame 1111 shows an encouraging sign to move forward and demonstrates that the unconditional love we seek awaits  us. In this sense, these numbers are a twin flame prediction and carry a powerful message – our greatest goal, the abundance and love we so deeply crave, the union with someone who is just right for us, are just around the corner.

These numbers are trying to alert you, shake you up, wake you up and draw your attention to yourself during the  1111 twin flame separation phase. This is necessary, and when this happens, number 1111 is trying to get us to focus on the present , and to become more aware of how we feel, what our patterns are and whatever scheme is keeping us stuck. Once the separation phase begins, we are open to the process of healing, but to do so, we must learn to stop chasing (or running) and face ourselves. The 1111 is a great awakener, and it is there to remind us that there is an invisible hand moving everything into place with a purpose. And that purpose is to help us change the course we are on so we can raise our vibration and start to harmonise with the frequency of  abundance in life.

Synchronicity doesn’t end here. The 11:11 synchronicity twin souls experience can occur in many other ways, for example Twin flame birthdays or other significant dates both souls share . Sometimes, twin souls share birthdays, or there may be a different arrangement of the same digits in their birthdates, or the number 11 might play an important role in their relationship.

The energy of this number is all about independence, spiritual growth, assertiveness, growth, drive, motivation and encouragement, and that is what you need the most during the runner and chaser and separation phases and you will keep seeing these messages until you stop, reflect and take charge of your thoughts, mind and actions.

Every time you see 11:11, you should make time for your personal twin flame energy update  and stop to reflect on how you feel at the moment, stop to embrace the connection you have with the other soul, so you can use this divine energy to grow. It is all about becoming aware, so breathe, own your thoughts, listen to your intuition and trust the numbers as they are the clues to a better, fulfilling life.

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