Broken Up? Stressed Out? Here’s How Self-Care Will Help You Heal

Whether social or intimate, relationships are beautiful things that help us be who we really are. They nurture us and help us grow to be better people. Studies have shown that healthy relationships can reduce stress and improve overall health.

But relationships can be challenging and at best very exhausting. Poor relationships can lead to stress, anxiety and depression and these can weaken your immune system. This is the main reason why self-care is important, and more critical especially during and after a break up.

Broken Up? Stressed Out? Here’s How Self-Care Will Help You Heal FI

It’s always very difficult to separate what you’re going through from the rest of your everyday life. While all you may want is a pause to heal and restore from heartache, the world keeps spinning and demanding more from you, so this is where a daily self-care checklist comes in handy, to help you maintain a focus on your inner self.

Self-Care Definition

In very simple terms, self-care is the mindful taking time to take care of you. It involves breaking it down to a deliberate daily self-care routine that eventually turns out to be a long term stress reliever.

What are The Benefits of Self-Care?

The most obvious benefits of self-care relate to boosts in energy and mood. But here are five benefits of self-care.

1. Increased Self Knowledge

Practicing self-care requires you to identify activities that you love to do. This search for what you’re passionate about can reveal more about yourself and even inform a few changes in your life.

2. Better Productivity

When things you’re passionate about are brought into focus, you’re consequently able to concentrate and do even more.

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3. Enhanced Self Esteem

It goes without saying, when you meet your own needs, you send positive vibes to your subconscious and this shields you from negative self-talk from your inner voice.

4. Improved Resistance to Disease

Most self-care activities, as you will see below, are healthy activities that activate your parasympathetic nervous system. This means your body goes into a restful, rejuvenating mode that helps fortify your immune system.

5. You Give More

Self-care is more like filling your basket with goodies. And when your basket is full, it means you have enough to share. When you’re healthy and whole, you have enough personal resources to share with others.

Creating Healing Movement

It is therefore important to delve deeper into the practical steps you can take towards re-finding a sense of calm and reclaiming control over your experience through self-care.

I want to take this moment to congratulate you on taking the HT advice, booking private sessions, reading the blogs and using the frequencies!

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You are taking the first positive steps towards complete healing. And, in congratulating you, I want to draw your attention to another vital part of your healing journey – self-compassion and self-care. You may have already enjoyed the benefits of the Power of Self-Compassion frequency, but if not, it’s important to listen to it regularly and pay attention to those times when you aren’t treating yourself kindly.

In some cases you may be unaware of things that you do that may have a negative impact on how you feel (such as keeping strong cords attached to your ex). However, in other cases you might be very aware of actions that aren’t serving you. Going through a breakup is tough and it’s natural that when you feel confused, unsure of yourself and sad you might fall into habits that aren’t good for you.

Common negative coping methods that people often use when going through a breakup can include:

  • Drinking too much / taking illegal drugs or abusing prescription drugs
  • Smoking more than normal
  • Pushing friends and family away
  • Checking up on your ex when you know it hurts you
  • Eating junk food / denying yourself food
  • Staying inside and hiding from the world
  • Over-exercising
  • Obsessively ruminating on your breakup

In the very early days a few days under the duvet with a box set and a bottle of wine can help to temporarily help you cope. So can some time alone or treating yourself to some junk food. But, as you know, if these behaviours carry on longer-term your breakup will begin to impact your life in very negative ways.

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So, it’s important to start to forgive yourself for any negative coping mechanisms that have been damaging you and commit to self-care and self-compassion. This will allow you to move past these behaviours and start replacing them with ones that serve you.

If you feel your negative coping habits are very ingrained you might not be able to see another way to behave, but the brilliant news is that, as we’ve talked about earlier, you are a holistic being. Negative actions and energy will have a knock-on effect on you across different layers of your energy body. But each positive action you take – from reading this self-care guide, listening to the frequencies, to stating your healing intention  – will help you to holistically heal, making your ability to change your coping mechanisms much easier.

Let’s get you to a place where you can begin to transform your life by taking up new hobbies, switching jobs, meeting someone new and all the other areas that will help you to grow your life even more from where you are now. I want to reconnect you with your sense of joy and happiness, so you can remember to focus on what will make you happy.

So, the first step is to put some powerful actions and mindsets in place to support you while you allow the healing frequencies to work. You can achieve this through the following self-care tips.

Self-Care Tips

There are many self-care practices and none of them require extreme planning. The trick is always to find something that you genuinely love and that adds value to your life. Here are 5 main categories of self care with simple examples that you could try.

1. Sensory Self-Care

This is all about gaining calmness for your mind. When you’re able to tune yourself in to the world around you, it will be easier to live in the present moment and this can help you let go of the past and worry less about the future.

Broken Up? Stressed Out? Here’s How Self-Care Will Help You Heal pin

Examples of sensory self-care include:

  • Focusing on the movement of your breathing
  • Walking barefoot on grass
  • Having an essential oils massage
  • Relaxing by closing your eyes and listening to music
  • Going for a walk on a nature trail and enjoying the fresh air

2. Emotional Self-Care

The best way to deal with your emotions is to face them head-on. Don’t suppress them. Remember, you’re not responsible for how you feel, and there is no right or wrong emotional feeling. But what you do with how you feel is what’s important. Here are a few emotional self-care tips:

  • Keep a daily journal and be absolutely honest about how you feel
  • Make time to be with family or friends that understand you
  • Allow yourself to cry when you need to
  • Forgive those you feel have offended you, most importantly, forgive yourself first

3. Spiritual Self-Care

This is about getting in touch with your values and what really matters to you. Activities that may be of help here include:

  • Daily meditation or mindful practice
  • Make a list of things that make you feel grateful
  • Be creative whether through art or a gift you have
  • Say affirmations that give you a sense of purpose
  • Practise being grateful

4. Physical Self-Care

Physical activities not only benefit your physical health, they are also a great way to let off steam. Here are a few physical self-care ideas:

  • Take Yoga (we recommend Ashtanga Vinyasa)
  • Engage in your favorite Sport
  • Dance to your favorite songs
  • Take walks
  • Cycle in safe zones
  • Sleep enough!
  • Get into a healthy diet

5. Social Self-Care

Whether you’re an introvert or extrovert, connecting with people is necessary for happiness. Often we tend to go into hermit mode when something serious enough happens, and with social media making communication easy without having to step foot outside of your home — we tend to forget the importance of face to face interaction with our friends and family. However we should remind ourselves that we do have people out there who love and care for us and are willing to be there for us even if it is just to cheer us up with a simple hangout. Social self-care isn’t only about doing activities with others just for the sake of it, rather it’s about hanging around people who bring out good vibes in you.

Social self-care ideas include:

  • Lunch or dinner date with close friends or family
  • Join a group of people who have shared interests
  • Keep away from people who look down on you

Next up, we will tackle one of the most major steps you can take for radical self-care when it comes to being kind to yourself after a breakup – Your very first step in the self-care list, if you’ve not already done so, is to go “No Contact” with your ex.


— Active Energy Frequencies —

When you are in search of positive change it is essential to find some extra motivation and get active. These Frequencies provide the necessary kick-start to overhauling your day-to-day life by influencing your well-being and holistic healing in a positive way. Despite the fact that you might be totally caught up in your own personal drama, you also have to participate in your daily routine, whether at work or school; whatever emotional calamities might be threatening your equilibrium, you have to keep on functioning. The Frequencies offer support in surviving this challenging stage, and will help you emerge from your present dilemma to enjoy the more productive and satisfying life you deserve.

Sharpen Your Focus & Concentration

Whether you have an important job interview or exam coming up, or you are just about to embark on a new hobby, finding your focus again can be a challenge. If that is so, listen to this sound, as it will clear your mind and help you concentrate so you can use your fullest potential.

Kickstarting a Positive Lifestyle Change

This frequency can be your great aid no matter what area of your life you want to improve, from losing weight and getting fit to ditch bad habits.  It can support you and give you the courage to make the inner adjustments so your subconscious can adjust to your new lifestyle and keep you focused on your goal.

Cutting Back on Smoking

When you’re going through a tough period it’s particularly hard not to reach for that extra cigarette and this can drain you even more, both energetically and physically.  When feeling extra tempted, listen to this frequency. It can help lessen your craving and gain more control over it.

Wake Up Feeling Rested & Energised

If you keep waking up tired, no matter how many hours of sleep you have had, this frequency will help you enter a deeply restful sleep that allows you to wake rejuvenated and full of energy. This way, you can feel properly rested and ready for positive activities that support your healing.

Relief for Headaches & Hangovers

Cutting down on drinking is especially hard when going through a stressful period, as you feel you need that glass of wine now more than ever. When you wake up feeling drained and a hangover is taking its toll, listen to this frequency to help you find inner relief, so you don’t have to reach for another glass. It gives you power to beat migraines or tension headaches and clear your mind.

Private Sessions For Deeper Healing

You won’t always be motivated so you need to be disciplined – but what if you have trouble with both? When you are so consumed by depression or stuck in the mud of procrastination and are practically paralysed, living entirely in your head, the idea of getting out of bed may be next to impossible – at this point you need help. Book an emergency session and get an infusion of vitality, stamina, and motivation to get you up and running again, with positive effects that last for weeks.

These private sessions are incredibly powerful and will result in quantum leaps in your healing, personal development and vibrational upgrades making manifestation of romantic relationships that actually work, wealth and abundance in your career, for example, easier and faster.

Connecting with Graham through private sessions will increase the efficacy of all the healing frequencies available on this site.

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