Chakras & Why They Are So Important for Your Healing

Chakras Healing – Advanced Healing and Your Chakras

Chakras & Why They Are So Important for Your Healing FI

“Someday you’re gonna look back on this moment of your life as such a sweet time of grieving. You’ll see that you were in mourning and your heart was broken, but your life was changing…”

– Elizabeth Gilbert

Congratulations! By working through this series and using the Healing Frequencies, you have taken the first step towards deep and lasting healing from your breakup. By now you should have a greater sense of calm and control over how you are feeling, and the tools you need to keep moving forward.

Remember, Heartbreak Triage is intended to be your partner through every emotional eventuality, and give you the tools and support to navigate the many ways life can break your heart.

By now you might find that as you continue to use the healing frequencies you feel ready to open up to even deeper levels of healing and launch yourself on a chakra relationship healing journey . Your healing journey is unique to you and is a process, not a one-off event. You may find some stages and some layers of chakras healing happen faster than others. Remind yourself of your courage in taking this journey and allow it to go at the pace you need it to go.

Below I’ll share some further aspects for you to use once the initial intensity of your breakup has begun to heal. These will help you to integrate your healing intention and widen it to encompass deeper levels of healing across your physical, emotional and energetic body.

First, I’d like to invite you now to explore the Trinity Healing Frequency in relation to your chakra system and how important chakras healing is.

Trinity Healing and Your Chakras

girl in white how to overcome heartbreak. Chakras healing 7 chakras meaning

“By clearing chakras that are still locked into the conflicts of your past, you can open the way for healing chronic and underlying health problems.”

– Donna Eden

Your Chakras Healing

Your energy body has points called chakras where energy moves and interacts with other energy centres. Now, to define chakras for beginners. The word chakra means ‘wheel’ and it’s helpful to see your chakras as being spinning centres of energy that can directly impact the way you feel. Your emotions, 3D experiences and the thoughts you have, as well as aspects such as the food you eat and how you move through the world,  can be impacted by your chakras and vice versa. In order to fully heal our soul, we need a proper chakras healing.

It’s thought that we have hundreds of chakra points throughout our energy body, with varying degrees of potency. However, it’s commonly accepted that there are 7 main chakra centres in your body and these are the chakras we’ll discuss in this guide. So, what are the 7 chakras?

Each chakra has different physical and emotional experiences attached to it, as well as its own colour.


Muladhara how to get over a breakup

The first chakra is your “root” chakra. It’s red in colour. This chakra is located at the base of your spine, in the area of your ‘sit bone’ or ‘tail bone.’ This chakra is the fundamental chakra for grounding and for feeling secure and connected to the earth and the physical world around you.

This chakra helps you to feel calm and safe. When you have issues with this chakra you may feel anxious, unsafe and ‘ungrounded’ or ‘flighty’ – people who have blockages and problems with their root chakra often have trouble keeping their feet on the ground and feeling connected to the physical world around them. You may also have issues with physical, financial or emotional safety. So, when talking about chakras healing the focus is on treating these issues, so you first need to try to find a way how to unblock chakras, specifically the root chakra.


Svadhishthana steps to get your ex back. Chakras healing 7 chakras meaning

Your “sacral chakra” is located in the middle of your stomach, about two inches below your belly button. It’s orange in colour. This chakra is responsible for your feelings of creative power, your emotions and your sexuality. When you have issues with this chakra you may find trouble expressing yourself emotionally, creatively or sexually and this alarms you that there is a need for some chakras healing to be done. Introspection or a chakras test will show that you may not feel safe with these aspects of yourself or you might find that you over-express – for example, having trouble with overwhelming emotions or sexual energy that’s problematic for you.


Manipura how to get over heartbreak

Your “solar plexus” is located at the top of your stomach, in your solar plexus area. It’s yellow in colour. When talking about the 7 chakras meaning, this specific chakra is responsible for your self-esteem, personal power and your emotional life. Strong emotional energy is often stored here – including anger and feelings of low self-worth. Problems with this area can lead you to feel disempowered, resentful, chronically angry and full of self-doubt. Because your solar plexus is linked to your sense of autonomy and personal power, vitality and joy in life, when there is no chakras healing, issues here can lead you to feel depressed, exhausted and lethargic.


Anahata how to overcome heartbreak

Your heart chakra is located in the physical area of your heart. It’s green in colour. When heart chakra connection with someone happens, we will feel it in the chest area. Some people also visualise their heart centre as green with pink aspects to it. Your heart is often thought of as the seat of the soul. It’s the place where you feel love, harmony, peace and compassion. It is from this chakra connection love happens. When you first fall in love you feel it in your heart centre, but love is also very linked to your solar plexus, where your emotions are stored. The heart is really the seat of unconditional love. When you have issues in this area you can become very closed off to love and compassion and also feel a kind of ‘deadened’ sensation to life in general. If that’s how you feel, it’s time for some chakras healing, as this will help you be balanced.


Vishuddah how to get your ex back. Chakras healing 7 chakras meaning

Your throat chakra is located in your throat and it’s aquamarine or turquoise in colour. This chakra helps you with self-expression and speaking authentically. It is responsible for expressing creativity and for communication as well as for judgement. Judgement does not always have negative connotations – in a healthy throat chakra judgement means being able to distinguish things that are healthy for your soul from things that aren’t. Problems with your throat chakra can lead to feeling as though you can’t express your truths, or may cause difficulties with truth-telling in general. It can also lead to a lack of assertive self-expression and difficulty communicating with others, especially when it comes to how you feel and this demands chakras healing, with a specific focus on throat chakra. When we are balanced, accepting of who we are and connecting chakras with another person can feel this authenticity..


Ajna how to heal a broken heart

Your third eye chakra is located between your eyebrows within your forehead. It’s indigo in colour. Your third eye is associated with your pineal gland, a tiny structure within your brain that has long been thought to house consciousness. This chakra is responsible for linking your ‘normal’ senses to those that are more subtle such as your intuition, and other extrasensory perceptions. This chakra helps to connect you to spiritual experiences, as well as your wider purpose in life. A signal that you might need chakras healing are issues with your third eye, that can lead to feeling disconnected from spiritual experiences, to only ever being concerned with the material realm, with ignoring your intuition and with losing connection to your life purpose. People who have issues with their third eye might also tend to be critical of others, but unable to ‘see’ their own issues.


Sahasrara how to get back with ex

Your crown chakra is located at the top of your head, in the centre. This one one is the lilac one among chakras colors. Some people also see gold when they focus here. This is the part of your chakra system that truly connects you to the wider cosmos and the spiritual realms. The universal experience of love, your destiny and all the higher realms of consciousness can be felt within your crown chakra. It is the place where you can connect to and hear messages from your Higher Self. This chakra can also help you to process information and link the mind to your spiritual world. Issues with this chakra that might signal you it is time for chakras healing are related to feeling disconnected from the 3D world around you if you do not ground regularly, or feeling cut off from ‘Source’ or universal consciousness. You might also experience confusion and issues with thought-processing if this chakra is very underactive.

Go further with your advanced healing and find out how each individual chakra interacts with your relationship in the next article.

Chakras & Why They Are So Important for Your Healing. Chakras healing

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