Cutting the Etheric Cords: Why Letting Go of Someone Is So Hard

Whenever we meet someone and interact with the other person we create a unique energetic bond, a sort of cord between them and us, which helps us connect with their energy, understand their thoughts and actions and give them energetic feedback. These bonds go in both directions, and are flows of energy known as etheric cords or energetic cords. These energetic structures are connected with our own energy, our aura, and it is through these cords that we transmit this energy and extend outwardly and connect with  others.

The longer we are connected with someone, the stronger the etheric cord gets, as we are exposed to the same type of energy constantly, which, with time, has more impact on our own energetic field. This is why etheric cords between lovers, especially those in long term relationships, can be so powerful. These connections with others are always unique, as no person carries the same energy and therefore the transmission between two individuals is always one of a kind.

When we connect with someone whose energy works in an enriching and healing way for us, we create a deep spiritual bond and this is often the type of energy we have with  loved ones. This etheric cord is based on love, honesty and care, and is humble and true, helping both individuals get the most out of it. This happens when the people  bonding come from a place that is unselfish and soul driven, where both energies are healthy, leading to the formation of the bond of unconditional love which goes both ways. In these relationships, the energy is equally reciprocated. These healing etheric cords can have a powerful and positive impact on us and help us reach our soul potential.

However, not all energetic ties are made equal and not all influence us in a positive way .

Cutting the Etheric Cords Why Letting Go of Someone Is So Hard FI

Often we  encounter people with whom we will form deep bonds, but emotionally and spiritually draining ones. In such cases, the etheric cord will serve as a channel, where one takes the energy away from the other. This bond is unhealthy for one or both individuals and is based on attachment and ego, instead of equality and genuine love. These types of etheric cords are commonly found in toxic relationships  where one individual is the ‘’energetic vampire’’ and the other is ‘’the resource of energy’’. This is typical in couples where the dynamic is between abuser and  abused, or narcissist and codependent.

Why Is Cutting the Cord So Difficult?

Whether the etheric cord is of positive or negative nature, breaking it, is very hard and sometimes seems almost impossible especially if we have been exposed to someone’s energy for long. Actually in cases where the bond was of a positive nature and based on unconditional love from both sides, letting go  leaves us with some positive after effects. At least we are able to cherish what we had and can continue deriving happiness and joy from memories.  But cutting the attachment cord  when the relationship was unhealthy or unhappy and the cord is of a negative nature is more complicated.

Apart from the longevity of the relationship, the obstacles we face when trying to break the attachment cord vary, and may include dependency on the other person, ego conflicts or idealisation of the other, but oftens we are afraid of change, as we have grown so accustomed to the cord.

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The longer we are with the other person, the stronger the cord gets. It gets denser and influences our lives to the point that we feel like something is missing badly from our lives when the bond is broken, even if that something gave us so little in terms of our own happiness.

The problem lies in the depth of emotional attachments made and the patterns of behaviour which became part of our subconscious due to constant exposure to the malign energy of a partner who has had a draining effect on us. When we are under its spell, this kind of  energetic exchange becomes ‘’normal’’ to us, the etheric cord feels ‘’safe’’ and becomes our comfort zone. Often we are not even aware of these effects, and as we spend so much time with someone we get accustomed to their vibrations which feel natural to us, no matter how damaging or unhealthy they are. As a result, breaking such patterns can be very hard and painful.

How Do Negative Cords Affect Us?

When we form deep emotional attachments with someone whose energy is not beneficial to us, we will feel the vibration of the one we have corded with, but won’t react to it  on a conscious level.

In the beginning, we are not so receptive to the malign energy of the other, because they have not yet become an integral part of our lives. But as time passes, as the  relationship becomes very important to us, we start feeling this energy more frequently and reality easily becomes blurred as we try to cope with it with denial, rationalisation, withdrawing or suppressing what we feel. If the etheric cord becomes too solid, we fall into these coping patterns very quickly. We get too attuned to our partner’s needs, forgetting our own one.

In other words, we are not following our unique path and if our partner is feeding on our energy, they will resist any attempt we make to cut the etheric cord.

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In such cases, the more prolonged the negative situation is, the more painful the idea of cutting the etheric cord becomes, and it is usually accompanied  by fear, deep anxiety and even guilt. We feel obliged to make the other person happy and we feel responsible for the relationship itself, and as a result we lose our own energy in the process, the very same energy we need to progress in life, be happy, fulfilled and self-confident. We end up feeling  hopeless, and inclined to live in a rut, settling for less .

To cut the cord we must first become aware of how the bond we have with the other is affecting us, and this is not always easy.

Removing Etheric Cords Can Be Difficult, but Why Is Cutting Negative Cords So Essential to Our Wellbeing?

In a healthy relationship negative vibrations and emotions, when and if they appear, are easily resolved, with both parties giving an equal share of their energy, time and dedication to the other. This is possible because both are able to give and receive love, and they do so by free will and the desire to make the bond fulfilling and lasting for both.

However when the relationship is unhealthy, we must first make a conscious effort to break the bond. This is important, because we end up projecting the energy of the other person, instead of our authentic vibrations. In such an environment we can’t progress, transform, heal or live our fullest potential. Cutting the cord will feel like breaking free from addiction. So what happens after we take the courage to finally break free? The answer is – we will be relieved, and from there we will slowly start relearning how to rewire our energy and radiate love.

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The path to healing is not an easy one, but there are many ways we can start releasing what’s holding us back, such as a cutting etheric cords meditation, which helps us stay grounded in the process of breaking free from our addiction. There are meditation rituals which help us release negative energy stored in different parts of our bodies, so we can find where  our body is wired to this negative energy, and then help us focus on it so we can release it from the body.

We will go through ‘’abstinence’’ many times throughout the process and face many hardships, feeling the need to go back to our ex or wishing for a chance to give it another try. But, the longer we are separated the more we will feel not only relief, but serenity and calmness. Once we ‘’breathe  fresh air’’ and start attaining peace of mind, we will start cleansing our aura and revitalizing, recharging our batteries. When we are no longer exposed to the negative energy we were used to, pieces of the puzzle will come together, allowing us to see clearly what we were missing.

In order to be happy we need to eliminate all negative influences in our lives. What we project to the world comes back to us in energetic form, so when we break free from a toxic, debilitating relationship we  start attracting everything positive into our lives. This way we can create etheric cords which are of a spiritual nature, and carry mutual nourishment and joy to both partners.

When we start seeing things with more clarity, we are able to let go of limiting patterns and behaviors and learn from past relationships so we can cord with others in ways that are more beneficial to us.

The cutting cords ritual and meditation practice are healing ways to remove malign cords and are there to  ease the process of cutting negative energetic attachment. This way we can slowly start a process of renewal by letting go of what is holding us back. Every cord has a purpose and we need to let go in order to grow and become who we are supposed to be – true versions of ourselves. Cutting negative etheric cords is always for the good.

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