Your Emotions Are Your Energy, Here is How They Hide

What Happens in Your Energetic Body during a Breakup?

As you know, you are a holistic being, and while your emotional and physical selves will interact with each other and have an impact on how you heal, there is an energetic match of this reaction happening within your energy body too.

Your Emotions Are Your Energy, Here is How They Hide FI

Energy Relationships Definition

Because the energy body has been out of mainstream consciousness in many Western cultures for so many years, it’s not always easy for people to understand what’s happening in the metaphysical realms (5D) in addition to the physical world (3D). In the 3D you experience reality as you are used to it – via your five senses and the emotions you experience physically, mentally, emotionally, etc.. The things you see, hear, touch and interact with are tangible and you can often see the effects of your interaction with these aspects. The 5D, however, is more subtle. It’s made up of the energy of all things, which are all connected as a kind of cosmic energy, which many people call ‘Source,’ although different people might have other terms for it.

Because these are not areas that can currently be studied with our scientific techniques, and because they act in ways that aren’t always immediately obvious to our first five senses, many people aren’t aware of how to understand what’s happening in this area of reality. Interpreting the different energy levels in a relationship that you are experiencing in the 5D can be challenging, however with practice you can learn to understand these 5D ‘emotions.’

As we talked about earlier, your energy body stores emotional imprints and experiences, and in many cases these energetic imprints can become stuck and trapped. Your thoughts and emotions, as well as what you experience in 3D reality, can impact your energy body. Your energy body (which can also be described as your aura or ‘personal space’) has the incredible ability to interact with the world around you – no matter how near or far you are to things physically, or whether events are happening now or have happened in the past.

So, for example, you might hold energy from an event that happened a long time ago in your energy body. You can also connect to people, places and events across time and space via this amazing energy relationship physics. What this also means is that all the people you interact with in a way that’s usual and/or intense will form part of your energy body.

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This is especially true when it comes to people such as members of your family, teachers, colleagues and yes, romantic partners. In the case of high vibrational relationships such as those you have with romantic partners, the way your energy body interacts with theirs means you can become entwined and linked together.

When you have matching energy in these relationships, for example, strong romantic interactions and especially sexual relations with your partner(s) it can create strong cords of attachment that linger after you have ended your physical and emotional relationship.

Many people refer to these cords as ‘etheric cords’ and they grow more complex and gain strength the more you interact with your partner. This is another reason why a romantic breakup, or even a sudden rejection (at home or by peers at school or work, for example) can feel so confusing and painful – even if you have been the person to initiate the break. In the case of the end of a romance, you might be confused as to why you are experiencing a strong feeling of attachment for someone even though your logical mind knows that the breakup was in your best interests.

Lingering etheric cords are one reason why this can happen (in addition to the physical and emotional body responses we have already discussed). If cords are not dissolved lovingly,  without cleansing the aura of past partners then even if you go through the elements of breakup recovery on the physical and emotional levels, you may still find yourself being pulled back to your ex and feeling unable to move on.

In fact, have you ever suddenly had contact with an ex from a long time ago? Maybe you came across their profile on social media, or bumped into them one day when you were going about your daily life. In that moment of conversation you may have found that old feelings you thought were long dead rose back up to the surface.

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If this has happened to you when you have moved on and are in a completely new place physically and emotionally it’s very likely that you still have cords of attachment with that old flame.

It’s quite easy to see anecdotal evidence for this phenomenon with the sheer number of people who have begun affairs or got in touch with old flames after finding them on social media – sometimes even decades after they last had any physical interaction! Maybe you know someone this has happened to, or perhaps it happened to you.

Etheric cords are a connection where people who care for each other can share energy and emotion. When things are going well it can be powerfully positive. But if you have cords with someone in which there is negativity or when you have ended a relationship, this source of mutual sharing energywise can become very painful.

Our friends, family or exes for example can often still access our energy via our energy body and these cords of attachment, even when we don’t want them to anymore. And we might also be drawing energy from them. When the breakup has been difficult and both parties are experiencing negative emotions in relation to one another you can imagine how this might compound the confusion and pain that you’re currently experiencing. In such a situation you need to cleanse past lovers or relationships; this can be achieved by booking a private session with a qualified healer.

You also hold energy through your chakra system, and we’ll go into more depth about how your chakras are impacted by a breakup later on in this series. For now, it can be helpful to know that every relationship that you’ve ended has cords that are present between you and these people and that these cords are being gently dissolved as you listen to the healing frequencies.

Coming next: learn how to create healing movement to help you get closer to your goals by helping you take action step by step.

HT Toolkit

— Healing Frequencies to Help Heal Your Energy Body —

I began this guide by advising you to ground regularly, and this remains one of the most effective ways to rebalance and centre yourself when your energy body is feeling out of alignment.

By using the grounding frequency every day you will be able to reconnect into your physical body so you can bring your energy back to yourself, rather than remaining entwined with your ex.


Grounding Guided Meditation

This guided meditation is one of the most fundamental to your healing process – it will help you to ground, balance and cleanse. Grounding is incredibly important as it helps to connect you.

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Trinity Healing

Reaching a state of Trinity is where your mind, body and soul are balanced, allowing your innate sense of inner calm to return to the surface. Tune in and listen to this powerful holistic frequency before you go to sleep every night, as it will align your mind, body and energetic body, helping you to become balanced.

Private Sessions For Deeper Healing

Book a private session to avail yourself of bespoke healing through Graham’s psychic diagnostic method that will remove energy attachments that may be draining or feeding off your personal energy. This will allow you to finally dissolve cords to past lovers and past lives with generational karmic ties inherited through family members, or past life vows of celibacy, karmic debts that are keeping you from moving forward in your present reality.

These private sessions are incredibly powerful and will result in quantum leaps in your healing, personal development and vibrational upgrades making manifestation of romantic relationships that actually work, wealth and abundance in your career, for example, easier and faster.

Connecting with Graham through private sessions will increase the efficacy of all the healing frequencies available on this site.

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