Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions 2018-07-09T09:55:36+07:00
Who is Heartbreak Triage for? 2018-04-25T14:10:36+07:00

HT is for anyone who is struggling to deal with the painful emotions that follow a breakup and doesn’t know where to start to begin the healing process. If you are feeling lost, confused, raw and in pain and you’re struggling to process the end of your relationship, then this is the programme for you.

The fact that you have found it now is a powerful indication that you’re ready to heal!

How quickly will Heartbreak Triage work? 2018-04-25T14:10:57+07:00

Mending a broken heart is a unique experience and so the time it takes for you to find relief will be unique to you. It’s important to take your healing at your own pace – and to progress in the timeframe that’s right for you.

However, the average user of the programme tends to feel immediate comfort from the first few listens of the Sound Healing Frequencies, and experience a significant level of repair within the first month – especially when you allow the wisdom of the guide to become part of your holistic healing.

My relationship ended a long time ago – can Heartbreak Triage still help me? 2018-04-25T14:11:32+07:00

The programme is called ‘Heartbreak Triage’ because one of the first steps to true healing is to help you through the initial trauma of a breakup. But don’t let that statement fool you… it doesn’t mean that your breakup has to be recent for Heartbreak Triage to have a powerful effect.

Many people lack the support and information they need about what is truly happening in their energy fields when they experience a painful breakup. This can lead to unprocessed emotions lingering for weeks, months or even years after the relationship has ended. It’s important to know that in some cases the passage of time makes little difference to healing.

If you have found that you are simply not healing from a breakup that took place some time ago, that you feel repeatedly drawn to a negative ex, or that you still feel ‘bound’ in some way to a breakup experience – HT is also for you!

I want to get my ex back – will Heartbreak Triage help me do that? 2018-04-25T14:12:22+07:00

The aim of HT is to focus on YOU and YOUR healing. This means helping you to function once more and to get relief from how you’re feeling. It’s important to focus on yourself and to heal for yourself – not for anyone else, including your ex.

HT is not a programme that’s about getting you feeling fabulous so your ex knows what they are missing out on. It’s about getting you feeling good again so you can invest in YOU. There are no tricks or techniques here for trying to entice your ex back because that will only hand your power straight back to your ex. Focus on you – it will be the best gift you can give yourself.

How is Heartbreak Triage different from other heartbreak programmes? 2018-04-25T14:13:45+07:00

Heartbreak Triage is the only heartbreak programme that we know of that combines uniquely tailored Sound Frequency Healing with an in-depth guide to breakup recovery as a way to mend your broken heart. This unique formula gives you the opportunity to gain true self-knowledge and the empowerment you need to move forward.

Does this programme really work? 2018-04-25T14:14:05+07:00

Yes! Users of the programme have reported a greater sense of calm and ease, and often almost immediate relief from listening to the special Healing Frequencies.

The companion guide has been created to help you to learn more about holistic healing and how to repair heartbreak in your physical, emotional and energetic bodies. This wisdom assists you in opening to even deeper levels of healing.

Can you tell me more about Sound Therapy? 2018-04-25T14:14:24+07:00

Sound Therapy, often called sound healing or vibrational medicine, is a practice of using sound vibrations at specific frequencies, hertz, and cycles that resonate with the body to repair, tune and align the mind and body to its natural state. It uses tools such as tuning forks, gongs, Tibetan singing bowls and many other vibrational instruments.

The technique is relatively new in the western world, but has been used as a powerful healing practice in Tibet and many other countries for more than 2000 years!

How do the Sound Frequencies help to cure heartbreak? 2018-04-25T14:14:49+07:00

Not only are the 18 Sound Frequencies made to help cure specific symptoms of heartbreak, they’re also composed in a frequency cycle of 528 Hertz per cycle.

This helps to give your heart centre the gentle energy you need to rest, relax and begin to recover from your pain. Each frequency has been designed to help you to process and heal difficult emotions. There are also special frequencies to promote full-body realignment and healing.

Taken together, these Sound Frequencies help to ground you and bring you back to a baseline of calm so you can think clearly once more and access deeper healing.

How do I know which Sound Frequency is the right one for me? 2018-04-25T14:15:15+07:00

The programme includes 18 Healing Frequencies that cover all the major symptoms of heartbreak. Some of these include Low Self Esteem, Anxiety, Depression and Insomnia.

Throughout the guide you will find suggested frequencies that align with different areas of wisdom and healing advice. You can use the frequencies as suggested throughout the guide, as well as using individual frequencies for when you’re experiencing a particular emotion.

Is there any scientific proof that suggests sound healing improves mental and physical health? 2018-04-25T14:15:34+07:00

Absolutely! As with many ancient practices that have been handed down through the years (like meditation and mindfulness) scientific research is only now beginning to catch up with what our ancestors and spiritual healers have known for centuries with regards to healing.

And because sound healing has been gaining more notice in the last few years, many researchers have been exploring exactly how it works. Studies have shown that different sound technologies have produced positive effects on people with a range of emotional and physical issues – from stress, pain, headaches and premenstrual syndrome, through to IBS, Chronic Pain and many more.

Studies conducted by the US National Library of Medicine conducted a crossover study to measure the physiological and psychological effects of a Himalayan singing bowl. The conclusion from the study stated that certain frequency waves affect the human nervous system and decrease blood pressure more effectively than traditional meditation.