Is Fear Stopping You From Healing Your Broken Heart?

“Fate is how your life unfolds when you let fear determine your choices. A path of destiny reveals itself to you, however, when you confront your fear and make conscious choices.”  – Caroline Myss


Is Fear Stopping You From Healing Your Broken Heart FIMoving on. Getting over it. Starting fresh. It all sounds easy to do when others are giving out advice on how to heal a broken heart and move on. But the reality for so many heartbroken people is that they remain trapped inside their misery, unable to even think about healing when the present is so raw and painful.

How do you heal a broken heart? How do you start anew when you still love your ex and are feeling devastated? What happens when you are so afraid of what you’re experiencing that it keeps you stuck?

For me, the answers to those questions came when I began to understand how our vibrational energy works and how it relates to love and healing.


But first…why is change so scary and so difficult?

August Turak believes that authentic change involves four stages – Anticipation, Regression, Breakthrough and Consolidation. Anticipation is the beginning stage, where you look forward to making new changes, and regression is the second stage – where fear begins to take hold as the negative effects of  challenges resulting from change kick in.

This holds true for changes that you plan – so what about change that you haven’t planned, like having your heart broken? If fear of change is so powerful when choosing say, to quit your job and start your own business, it’s even worse for people who have unwanted change suddenly thrust upon them.

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One of the hardest aspects of getting over your ex is coming to terms with your new life and facing the fear you have about the breakup. There are many things you might be afraid of – experiencing the sting of rejection, having to let go and ‘forget’ your ex, or facing practical life changes that will occur when you do things on your own that you used to do with your ex.

It might surprise you to know that while many people are afraid of losing love and moving forward, an awful lot of people are afraid of being in love, too. For me this is another side of the same energetic vibrational issues I’ve noticed in my years working as a Psychic, Medium and Healer.


Understanding Your Vibrational Energy


Believing is creating.

Quantum physicists have confirmed it: We are not only this physical body. Our behaviour doesn’t end at our skin line. We have an energy range around us.

This energetic quality connects us to other living beings and the world around us. Every one of us has a unique aura, and we are members of the same spiritual brilliance that invents the infinite cosmos. Understanding this vibration can help you to make profound changes in your life.

Your ‘vibration’ is a fancy term used to  describe your overall being. Everything in the world is made up of energy vibrating at various frequencies. This involves you.

All vibrations work at high and low cycles, with us and around us, and this includes the emotions you’re experiencing. When you feel sad or depressed your energy body is vibrating at a lower cycle than when you feel excited or happy.

When it comes to fear, there are often other emotions attached – such as experiencing low self-worth, and feeling powerless. While fear is low in vibration, it’s also a powerful and insidious emotion, with the ability to overwhelm and dominate all other emotions. This is especially true if you have placed all your faith in love itself in another person, and feel both afraid to be in love with them and afraid to lose their love.

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However, deep and lasting love is not the kind of energy you can either have or not have from someone external to you. In fact, deep love is the kind of energy that is always available to you, once you are able to tackle your fear of losing it. It’s one of the highest forms of vibration in the Universe, and once you are able to allow connection to it, it can have a knock on effect of bringing the right kind of love to be expressed with another person. Love is the kind of energy that works like a cosmic boomerang. If you can embrace your actions and live life from a loving standpoint, it dissolves fear and helps bring more proactive energy into your life.

Bringing in the right love means beginning with ourselves, and this means facing your fear about love, and finding some space to let your fear about your breakup dissolve, and  raising your vibration so that it aligns with the kinds of people and situations you want to bring into your life.


Moving Past Fear – And Embracing Your Present


Understanding that your fear is an energy of its own that’s preventing you from moving past your breakup can be painful. But if you want to heal then it’s important to both face what’s causing your fear AND find ways to soothe and calm yourself in the here and now. This combination of using healing tools (such as Sound Healing Frequencies) and allowing your fear to express itself so you can learn and grow can be a tricky balancing act. However it’s vital to your healing to learn how to combine working through your fear with techniques to calm you and stop you from feeling overwhelmed by it. Spending too much time self-soothing, to the point where you begin to avoid and ignore your fear rather than processing it, can also keep you stuck.

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Here are some ideas on how to manage your fear so you can get moving again and begin deep and lasting healing – the kind of healing that will make profound shifts in every area of your life, not just in your relationships. Remember that consistency is key – it might take time for you to see results, but each time you commit to working through your fear you add to your holistic healing.

Get into the present moment. Fear is based on anxiety for the future. When you are experiencing the present moment, fear begins to dissolve as you align with what’s actually happening for you in the here and now. How can you allow this to happen? Well you need to…

Let yourself relax. This might sound counterintuitive if you feel overwhelmed by fear. But, fear thrives on tension, stress and trapped energy. By finding space to deeply relax you can start to allow that energy to shift, and with it your vibration.

Express gratitude. This is tough when you are scared, and even more so if you are angry at your ex. But the energy of gratitude is the highest that you can experience, and it opens you up to the kinds of frequencies that will support your healing. Find small things to be grateful for, and commit to recognising the good that still exists in your life – even when you are in pain.

Refill your ‘Love Tank.’ Even though you feel heartbroken about your ex, try to remember that this doesn’t mean that ALL love is gone from your life. Think about family, friends, pets or even books or movies that you love. Remember that energy. In time this will help to raise your vibration once more so that fear simply dissolves.

Get help in the short term. This means finding someone you trust who you can talk to, or using powerful energy healing tools that will assist you in raising your vibration and dissolving the energy of fear. Sound Frequency Healing is one of the quickest ways to do this, as all you have to do is sit back, relax and let the frequency work on the negative energy you’re experiencing.