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You want your ex back! (Badly)

You would do anything, but anything to recover your love, to reset your love life

But you feel hopeless and have no idea what to do next …

What do most people do in these circumstances?

gold heart icon how to get over heartbreak Focus their energy in all the wrong places  …. do everything in their power to attract the attention of their ex and lure them back

gold heart icon how to get over heartbreak They might mope or ruminate …

gold heart icon how to get over heartbreak Or they might try to distract themselves from all the pain …

gold heart icon how to get over heartbreak They might engage in a series of meaningless, short-lived relationships

gold heart icon how to get over heartbreak Or try to numb their feelings with excessive drinking

gold heart icon how to get over heartbreak Or distract themselves with non-stop partying

gold heart icon how to get over heartbreak In extreme cases they might try to get revenge by resorting to social media to stalk their ex or any girl he talks to or is seen with …

Do you recognize yourself in this picture?

icon4@2x how to get your ex back You have tried each and every trick, you have sought out all kinds of advice, but nothing works.

icon4@2x how to get your ex back You are struggling, you are emotionally empty, you are experiencing a plummeting downward spiral in your feelings and in your life in general.

icon4@2x how to get your ex back You have a huge sense of failure and you are blaming yourself for it.

icon4@2x how to get your ex back You are here because you haven’t given up hope.

icon4@2x how to get your ex back You are here because you are looking for solutions.

icon4@2x how to get your ex back You are here because you want to do everything in your power to not let this love slip away.

icon4@2x how to get your ex back And you want them back and to STAY…

icon4@2x how to get your ex back You want constructive discussions NOT destructive arguments…

icon4@2x how to get your ex back You want to feel safe and secure in your relationship even if it has to be long distance …

What if I told you that you have made the right choice?

And that there is a proven way to help you keep the love of your life in YOUR  life!

Listen, you don’t have to have broken up to be heartbroken.

Arguments and disagreements between you and your significant other can cause you heartache and sleepless nights.

Being so far away from the person you love is heartbreaking…

Finding out your spouse, boyfriend, or fiance lied to you or broke a promise is heartbreaking…

When someone you care about walks away from you without explanation of why they are doing it, that is heartbreaking…

When that one person you know is the only one meant for you is in love with someone else, that’s heartbreaking …

Not knowing what to do or how to achieve the right frame of mind to resolve this heartbreaking situation is robbing you of your precious peace of mind, and is making you go round in circles instead of forward …

There is nothing you wouldn’t do for the person you love…

But what if I told you the answer to your problem is you and only you?

Yes, YOU.

In the quarter of a century I’ve been in my career as a psychic, medium, and healer, I have seen this pattern thousands of times and during this period I identified tools and methods that will help you surpass this challenging period of your life. ….

After a breakup or a relationship breakdown it’s very important to take some time to heal before you try to get your ex back (or look for a new partner).

In terms of your vibrational frequency, any residual feelings of sadness or anger you are holding on to will have left you out of balance.

It is essential that this is addressed before you try to move on.

By turning yourself into the love of your life you can succeed in attracting back a partner or causing a current one to finally step up and take your relationship to the next level…

OR manifest a new lasting love …

With my approach to healing –  helping you get your feet back on the ground, so that you are not only thinking clearly, but absolutely glowing and vibrant, with  your life back on track better than you could have ever hoped for, you will become vibrationally capable of restoring the relationship you lost. Alternatively you will be primed to start an even better relationship, if it should emerge that the person you want to be with is not right for you (the new you).

Test Frequencies Now

“I met Graham at a time in my life when I was suffering through the breakdown of another relationship. I was completely stressed out and my anxiety was through the roof. I felt as if I was desperately trying everything I could to become calm, but nothing worked and I couldn’t sleep at night. The depression grew and grew and weighed me down like a ton of wet clothes. It was one of the lowest points in my life. I really didn’t want to repeat my old self destructive habits that brought me only more pain in the past.

From the beginning, my sessions with Graham transformed how I was feeling.  I used the Healing Frequencies he gave me and listened to them according to how I felt in the moment. Soon I was able to make it through the day without panic attacks or a sinking feeling in my gut. The great thing about these frequencies – they are easy to use and if you continue using them, you will find relief. Now my depression and regrets about the past have melted away. I no longer feel worried about the future, and the best part is I don’t need to rely solely on healing sessions with Graham to address certain difficult emotions. I feel confident and independent and I love knowing I have the sound frequencies and HT wisdom to return to whenever I need to.”

-Mary P.

Co-Founder Heartbreak Triage

You need reliable tools

You want proven methods

Experienced, professional advice

Support of a caring community

To help you find and redefine yourself again

To guide you through a safe space to help you sort out your feelings

A functional support system to help you filter out the noise…..

But how can you reset your love life?

It’s time to get realistic…..

And you are approaching it from the wrong direction,

Are you ready to take the right path?

Let me guess….

Chloe said after using the frequencies and her healing session with Graham she felt more determined, clear-sighted and positive in regards to her future goals!


Because she could feel her energy blockages open!

“Since my healing with Graham, I feel more determined, clear-sighted and positive in regards to my future goals. I feel some energy blockages have been opened and I can now for the first time in my life see the vision and know that I can achieve them. I feel as if the initial negative feelings and thoughts I had have diminished. Graham has kind, caring and relaxed energy that automatically makes you feel at home in his presence. He shows compassion and you can truly tell that he is a healer.”

Chloe Dignam

What about Margarita?

After her frequency healing session, she felt relaxed and revitalised!

She felt a great sense of detachment from emotions that had been to weighing her down

She woke up the following day feeling renewed, and the chronic pain with her shoulders and arms had diminished

She felt a sense of relief that all her stress had vanished!

“I am Margarita, from Chile, I am in Bali now. A short time ago I had a healing session with Graham. My experience was very positive. From the very beginning I succeeded in connecting very well with him. I relaxed a lot and felt lots of energy, I saw many colours and really got a sense of detachment. And when I woke up I felt renewed. I have problems with my shoulders and my arms and I really felt a huge alleviation of this condition. The following three days I also felt that my body was working and I had a connection, and I was able to get rid of lots of stress. I really felt a great sense of relief. I have great respect for Graham, I feel he is a great healer/therapist, he really has a gift. Thank you.”

Margarita Adrovéz

I Am Ready to Make a Change

Introducing the Heartbreak Triage Healing Frequencies to Reset, Refresh, & Raise Your Vibrational Frequency for Love

The ins and outs of Love’s trials and tribulations, such as breakups or minor tiffs between couples,  impact each of us differently. I have created the sound frequencies in order to help you navigate these troubled periods of your life with the help of music, using different techniques, including crystals, singing bowls and other sounds. The idea behind the 18 frequencies is to create an optimal healing environment, so you can find  relief from emotional pain, set off on your way to recovery and choose a new direction. These can be your guides, as each and every one of them is designed to help you with different aspects of healing and propel you through quantum leaps in energetic upgrades vital to your personal development.

Take your time to go through each of them. Your intuition will help you choose which frequencies are ideal for you to listen to whenever you feel the need for extra support.

Some of the frequencies have sounds that may seem unusual to you, such as scratching. All of the sounds are there for a purpose, however, so focus on your wellness intention, and relax.

How to Use the Frequencies

Before you surrender to the soothing and transformative power of these frequencies, find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. Take a few deep, cleansing breaths and repeat to yourself three times: “I am open to receive’’. Say it out loud, or repeat it silently if you feel more like it. This will help you open your heart and mind to receive the healing more effectively.

For the best results, listen to the frequencies with headphones. You can listen to each frequency as many times as you need, so feel free to repeat them as often as you feel drawn to use them.

Below you can find a list of the sound frequencies and introduce yourself to the different areas of healing, relief and wellness that each one focuses on:

Introductory Frequencies

These frequencies are there to help you find needed balance and provide fast-acting relief.

Making Peace with Heartbreak

The Heartbreak frequency is our namesake holistic healing frequency that will help you  face your feelings of pain and hurt so that you can properly process your current situation.  It will enable you to gain a level head to decide what your next course of action should be, and relieve you from anything clouding your judgment, while giving you precious peace of mind. This is the one frequency that will assist you on your HT healing journey, and help you deal with the feelings of pain and hurt you are currently experiencing because of trouble with love and relationships. This specialised heartbreak frequency is an effective form of sound medicine that offers fast-acting relief and frees you from the weight of burdensome emotions caused by heartbreak.

This is very powerful, so  it is strongly recommended you first listen to the Grounding Guided Meditation and Alleviate Stress & Anxiety or Freedom From Fears & Overthinking (or all three if you are having a more difficult time than usual)  in order to prepare yourself for this transformative experience.

Grab Your Making Peace with Heartbreak Frequency

Frequencies to Help with Difficult Emotions

These frequencies have been specially gifted to help with some of the most common challenging emotions that you experience when you are suffering from heartbreak and the host of difficult emotions that accompany problems with love and relationships. You can  select the appropriate frequency according to what specific negative emotion or challenging situation you are facing. During the course of the guide, we also discuss the different aspects of breakups and how each of these frequencies can support your healing.

Alleviate Stress & Anxiety

Problems with love and relationships, especially breakups, impact all aspects of life, leaving you increasingly anxious and stressed. The soothing effect of this frequency helps you  find a greater sense of calm and peace, escape from your elevated levels of stress and anxiety, so that you gain the strength to make practical changes in your life.

Grab Your Alleviate Stress & Anxiety Frequency

Solace from Depression

Constant tiredness, lethargy, feelings of hopelessness and confusion are just some of the heavy feelings we deal with when depressed. You can lift that dark fog with the help of this sound, which is created to help you break the chains of depression and get out of the paralysing ‘hopeless’ stage.

Grab Your Solace from Depression Frequency

Freedom from Fears & Overthinking

Are you feeling stuck and unable to move forward? This is a really common experience and often translates to overthinking and fear –  of change,  of the unknown or even of how you are feeling. When your fear takes over it can prevent you from moving in the right direction. Listen to Freedom From Fears & Overthinking to clear your mind. Once you put an end to fear, you will find yourself freed from the prison of of overthinking, and you will finally be able to experience the joy of having peace of mind.

Grab Your Freedom from Fears & Overthinking Frequency

When You Can’t Fall Asleep

Insomnia frequently goes hand in hand with loss or grief or just sadness, and you might end up sleep deprived when you need to rest the most. Lack of energy can affect both your emotional and physical well-being and many people who are going through hardships such as breakups, family issues, job loss, failing a test or general uncertainty know this very well. This audio can help you relax and take your mind off emotions and events at night, so you can drift off into a proper sleep.

Grab Your When You Can’t Fall Asleep Frequency

Tranquility for Shock & Trauma

Some difficult unexpected situations can cause tremendous shock for the mind and the body, especially if it involved trauma or great emotional pain. If you are not energetically ready to process such shock at the time of the event, it can be stored as a negative emotion that is hard to deal with. This frequency is there to help you recover from this shock and the pain it is causing you.

Grab Your Tranquility for Shock & Trauma Frequency

Soothe Angry Emotions

Anger is a natural response to pain and hurt, but sometimes it can become overwhelming and cause us damage. To heal and feel better, you need to process the intense anger you feel and this sound can help you safely dissolve and process it, so you can feel calmer and diffuse the ticking time bomb before you or anyone else gets hurt.

Grab Your Soothe Angry Emotions Frequency

Break Free from Denial

If you are having trouble accepting a breakup, the end of a relationship, career or investment,  bottling up how you truly feel you might make  it hard to recognise your denial. That is ok and a natural response in these circumstances. But in order to heal you need to embrace all those unpleasant feelings, and this sound can help you gain  clarity and own your own emotions so you can move on.

Grab Your Break Free from Denial Frequency

Boost Your Self-Esteem

Self-confidence can be severely damaged when you are going through a breakup or even when you don’t feel accepted in your place of work, school, or even in your circle of friends. It is very common to blame yourself, feel rejected and start building a negative self-image. If this is you, there is a frequency at your disposal to help you rebuild confidence, be kinder to yourself and remember just how amazing you truly  are.

Grab Your Boost Your Self-Esteem Frequency

The Power of Self-Compassion

You deserve to feel good about yourself! But one of the hardest things to do when devastated by life’s issues such as loss is to find  self-compassion. Instead of beating yourself up, let this frequency become a part of your wellness toolkit to help you get out of the self-blame circle. It is designed to give you an extra boost of love and compassion when you need it the most. Remember, you are worthy of love and need to remember to be kind to yourself.

Grab Your The Power of Self-Compassion Frequency

Active Energy Frequencies

Finding some extra motivation and getting active is necessary when you are headed towards positive changes. These are the frequencies that have a high positive impact on your holistic healing and well-being and can give it the  boost needed to change your day to day life and let you start living the life you deserve. Also, even if we are enduring our own personal telenovela, life continues to go on, and in order to keep our jobs or graduate from school, we need to manage to function even if the sky is falling in. These frequencies will help you make it through the day more easily by providing you the support you need to survive your 9 to 5.

Sharpen Your Focus & Concentration

Whether you have an important job interview or exam coming up, or you are just about to embark on a new hobby, finding your focus again can be a challenge. If that is so, listen to this sound, as it will clear your mind and help you concentrate so you can use your fullest potential.

Grab Your Sharpen Your Focus & Concentration Frequency

Kickstarting a Positive Lifestyle Change

This frequency can be your great aid no matter what area of your life you want to improve, from losing weight and getting fit to ditching bad habits.  It can support you and give you courage to make the inner adjustments so your subconscious can adjust to your new lifestyle and keep you focused on your goal.

Grab Your Kickstarting a Positive Lifestyle Change Frequency

Cutting Back on Smoking

When you’re going through a tough period it’s particularly hard not to reach for that extra cigarette and this can drain you even more, both energetically and physically.  When feeling extra tempted, listen to this frequency. It can help lessen your craving and gain more control over it.

Grab Your Cutting Back on Smoking Frequency

Wake Up Feeling Rested & Energised

Do you keep waking up tired, no matter how many hours of sleep you have had?  This frequency will help you reconnect with your internal clock, and return to your natural sleep-cycle rhythm, improving your overall health. Set this frequency to play 10 minutes before your alarm is due to go off, so that you wake up feeling as if you have enjoyed a  deeply restful sleep. Once you have adjusted to this frequency, if you want to continue to start the day with it, you can set it as your alarm sound. This allows you to wake up every day feeling properly rested, rejuvenated and full of energy, and ready for the positive activities that support your healing.

Grab Your Wake Up Feeling Rested & Energised Frequency

Relief for Headaches & Hangovers

Cutting down on drinking is especially hard when going through a stressful period, as you feel you need that glass of wine now more than ever. When you wake up feeling drained and a hangover is taking its toll, listen to this frequency to help you find inner relief, so you don’t have to reach for another glass. It gives you power to beat migraines or tension headaches and clear your mind.

Grab Your Relief for Headaches & Hangovers Frequency

Frequencies for Moving Forward

Trinity Healing

Reaching a state of Trinity is where your mind, body and soul are balanced, allowing your innate sense of inner calm to return to the surface. Tune in and listen to this powerful holistic frequency before you go to sleep every night, as it will align your mind, body and energetic body, helping you to become balanced.

Grab Your Trinity Healing Frequency

Forgive & Be Kind to Yourself

Forgiving others can be hard, and forgiving ourselves sometimes even harder. Without forgiveness, it’s very hard to move forward, nor can there be any  true healing. This frequency allows the energy of forgiveness to penetrate your being and helps you leave the guilt and shame behind, so you can truly move on – in peace and power!

Grab Your Forgive & Be Kind to Yourself Frequency

Heartbreak Triage FAQs:

I want to get my ex back – will these  Frequencies help me do that?

Yes, but be aware that the focus of the frequencies is YOU and YOUR healing, it’s not for anyone else but  YOU. It’s about helping you get relief from how you are feeling, helping you upgrade your state of mind, body and soul and find the happiness you deserve through healing. It is about helping you feel good again and investing in YOU.

The frequencies are not about enticing your ex back and giving them back the power over your happiness – it is about helping you regain that power and own it, and it will be the best gift you can give yourself.

But… I really want my ex back…

When it comes to manifesting our desires, our emotional state plays a key role. When a significant relationship comes to an end, our feelings of anger, sadness, loss or confusion will render us vibrationally incapable to attract a brand new lease on love. Most of the time relationships come to an end because we have underlying frequencies such as lack of self love and fear of abandonment. When left unresolved, we will keep repeating negative patterns in all our relationships, further reinforcing limiting beliefs that keep us from lasting love. Because like attracts like, HT puts into practice strategies for raising your vibrational frequency so that we can get you to that place where you can help you get your ex back (if you still want them back by that time) and keep them.

“My life was pathetic. I felt pathetic. It was my fault that my boyfriend left me and I hated myself for it.  Forgive & Be Kind to Yourself worked and I didn’t expect it to, it all sounded like crap to me cause how can frequencies and music help you? I’m glad I was wrong.”

Michelle Rivera, London U.K. 

We didn’t break up, can I still use the frequencies?

Of course! You don’t need to have broken up to feel the pangs of heartache. Everyone has problems in relationships, and often it is falling short of being able to handle those ups and downs that leads to breakups. Imagine reaching for a frequency instead when you feel hurt or want to avoid blowing up at your partner, and instead turning a destructive fight into a constructive discussion. The HT guide will not only give you valuable information on how to handle challenges, but also offer a way for both of you to evolve together through mutual respect and love.

Can I use the frequencies and tips from this website even if I am not in a relationship…

Yes. You may not be able to imagine where your next relationship will come from, but your current attitude towards relationships depends on what you have been led to expect by your own life experiences, which will have affected your thought processes and your confidence, or lack of it, when you consider  the possibilities of love in your life. When we allow the fear rising from the difficult situation we are currently dealing with to overpower us, be it a breakup, a hurtful argument with a friend, family drama, or the feeling of being single and lonely, we tend to reject the serenity and security a healthy relationship would bring us, and put our happiness on hold.

Whether you are single by choice or you feel that you lack opportunities for love, you should realise that we all have things we need to work on in order to reach our full potential and accomplish certain milestones that fill our own void — knowing yourself  holistically is the only way to bring balance into your life. By providing support for overall holistic wellness, HT incorporated into your daily routine will help you raise your vibration and attract more love and abundance into your life.

“My experience with Graham was really positive, and I recommend him. I visited Graham to see what patterns or what issues were there that end my relationships, and the truth is he detected the blocks I had. And he was very good and assertive in detecting how to work on my emotions. The truth is that at first the music or the sounds were a bit strange, but eventually I succeeded in relaxing. And the fact of working with frequencies – I feel this is a therapy that has great benefits, because most of the time you are not really aware of it, and the therapy just happens. I relaxed a lot during my session. Graham has a great talent for this. I felt great, I felt very, very well and I especially achieved a clarity that allowed me to observe my emotions and all these blocks in a more elevated manner. And also, this is helping me make more assertive decisions. I highly recommend him.”

Javiera A.A.

Can Twin Flames Benefit from the HT wisdom?

Yes. One of the most challenging relationships we experience occurs when we encounter the twin flame energy. Regardless of how you define it, the common denominator remains the same – evolving through love. Our twin becomes a human mirror reflecting parts of ourselves back to us that still need healing and awakening, and we often dislike what we see. The length of time we experience the intense ups and downs of the twin flame energy depends on how deeply we start loving and caring for ourselves, something that is promoted by HT.

HT provides you with the tools and wisdom to remove  blocks and HT’s deep healing frequencies upgrade your energy structure to bring it in alignment with your greatest and highest good. There are ethereal bonds that exist between twin flames, but when you stop chasing your twin and instead work on yourself, they stop running and begin to face their own fears, thus bringing you both closer towards a more stable union.

Many of  my clients who took advantage of HT when they were in separation are now united with their twin souls who previously were so resistant to growth and change.

Who are sound frequencies  for?

The frequencies are for anyone who is struggling with pain and hurt from a breakup or heartache in their current relationship, and the very fact that you have discovered them is a powerful sign you are ready to heal and move on in your life!

Dealing with painful emotions that follow a breakup is overwhelming, and sometimes processing the end of a relationship takes much longer than expected. These emotions can slowly become too much to bear, and it can feel as if you are trapped in  a never-ending tunnel with no way out. If this describes you, if you are feeling lost, confused and particularly vulnerable, these tools are for you.

I was in a very toxic relationship for many years.  My partner and their family controlled every aspect of my life, and by letting them do so I became a broken man.  I found Graham at a time when I needed him most, and with his healing and guidance he helped me find my inner strength. Listening to Alleviate Stress & Anxiety and Boost Your Self-Esteem gave me the power and confidence to reclaim my life and break free from my prison and become the man I was meant to be.  

Tobias Gallas, Los Angeles U.S.A.

How quickly will the frequencies work?

Each of us is on a unique healing journey and the time it takes for you to find  relief and heal emotionally, spiritually and physically will be particular to you. There is no shortcut to mending a broken heart and no universal timing, which is why it is essential to take your healing at your own pace and progress in the timeframe which is right for you and you only.

Generally, it depends on the starting point of the listener, but many report instant emotional relief when they first listen to one of the sound frequencies. It may take a few experiences with the frequencies to produce sustained improvement, with significant results becoming apparent after about a month.

If you make the frequencies a regular, preferably daily part of your holistic healing they should replace the drama and negative emotions involved with a difficult breakup or challenging life changes. Their effect is enhanced by combining their use with following the programme in the HT guide.

My relationship ended a long time ago – can Frequencies still help me?

Yes. No matter how long ago the heartbreak happened, the initial trauma and hurt it caused can stay with us for a long time, blocking our path to true happiness. This programme is about healing and your breakup doesn’t have to be recent for the frequencies to have a powerful and lasting effect. So many people build up negative emotions because they lack the support and information they need in order to truly understand what is happening in their energy fields when they experience a painful breakup. In such cases, they don’t heal with time and the unprocessed emotions stay buried, causing even more turmoil. If you are one of many who are simply not healing from a breakup or a stressful event in your life, if you are feeling bound to a breakup, no matter how long ago it happened, then these frequencies are also for you!

“When I go through a depression, I binge eat and gain so much weight that I hate myself even more. This Kickstart A Healthy Lifestyle stuff is legit because I don’t know how but I lost the taste for sodas and chips tasted like chalk. Somehow it got me walking then running on the treadmill. My advice, just go for it!”

Lisa Chung, Hong Kong S.A.R.

Do frequencies really work?

Yes. The frequencies are specifically created to assist you in opening to deeper levels of healing, and soothe you in a way that is  necessary for healing your emotional, physical and energetic bodies. The users who have listened to the Healing Frequencies have reported almost immediate relief and a greater sense of calm and ease.

Can you tell me more about the Sound Therapy?

Also known as sound healing or vibrational medicine, Sound Therapy is the practise of using sound vibrations at specific frequencies, hertz and cycles that resonate with the body to repair, tune and align the mind and body to its natural state. Although relatively new in the western world, Sound Therapy is a technique that uses tools such as tuning forks, gongs, Tibetan singing bowls and many other vibrational instruments for healing purposes and has been used for over 2000 years in Tibet and around the world.

“Do you want to drunk text your boyfriend after a HUGE meltdown especially after he said to give him some space? NO, right? I always do that, and it always makes things worse. I really, really, REALLY needed to get a grip. Get on that  Trinity Healing and Sharpen & Focus Your Concentration if you need some extreme self-control and balancing AND don’t want to be a zombie mess while at Uni or lose your job. Period!”

Jess London,  Sydney NSW

How do the Sound Frequencies help to cure heartbreak?

The Sound Frequencies are designed to give your heart centre the energy you need to rest and relax so you can begin the process of recovery from symptoms of a heartbreak. They are composed in a frequency cycle of 528 Hertz per cycle and each can help you process and heal difficult emotions. There are special frequencies which can help you get to a place of full-body realignment, and taken all together, these 18 sounds can help you ground, bring you a greater sense of calmness and mental clarity needed for deeper healing.

How do I know which Sound Frequency is the right one for me?

You will find suggested frequencies that align with different areas of healing advice and each of the 18 healing sounds covers major symptoms of heartbreak or relationship issues. You can use the frequencies as suggested, as well as using individual frequencies for when you’re experiencing a particular emotion.

Is there any scientific proof that suggests sound healing improves mental and physical health?

Yes. Sound healing is among many ancient spiritual practises, including meditation and mindfulness, which have been gaining more scientific notice in the last few years, and more and more researchers are trying to explain the phenomena behind these healing practices. The results of their studies have shown that different sound technologies have produced positive effects on people with a range of emotional and physical issues – from stress, pain, headaches and premenstrual syndrome, through to IBS, chronic pain and many more.

Moreover, studies conducted by the US National Library of Medicine conducted a crossover study to measure the physiological and psychological effects of a Himalayan singing bowl. The conclusion from the study stated that certain frequency waves affect the human nervous system and decrease blood pressure more effectively than traditional meditation.

“My husband left me because I had major anger issues, he said no way he wanted to be with me if I couldn’t get a grip on that. I was worried that after my private sessions with Graham that I wouldn’t be able to keep myself in check and lose my husband for good. Graham said that I should listen to the Soothe Angry Emotions after doing my grounding daily, a few more times a day if needed .. it was small at first but the patience and calm demeanor started to become noticeable, my friends and family noticed I wasn’t so high strung — most importantly my husband did. We aren’t 100% yet but the change moved him enough to want to give couples therapy a try. I’m never going to let go of the frequencies I got from Graham, they are blessings indeed!”

Pamela G. Arizona, U.S.A.  

Who’s the Brain Behind This Method?

Graham Elkin Standing - how to get over a breakup

I am Graham Elkin, a Psychic, Medium and Healer. At the age of 13, I discovered my gift to read people, and over the years I learned to embrace my intuition, channel this energy and started using my diagnostic and healing abilities to help others.

Now, with over 25 years of experience in the Medium and Healing areas I am grateful to be able to assist others every day, empowering them through knowledge and healing, helping them unlock their full potential. Along the way, while gaining more and more experience, my abilities to work with energetic frequencies have grown substantially and these are now one of my core methods of healing.

Many of my clients deal with overwhelming feelings of pain and loss after the end of a significant relationship, which is why I have created healing frequencies, to help people find their balance and sense of calm after experiencing turmoil. These sounds have become an important part of my work, and it is the positive feedback with these methods I received that inspired me to create these Frequencies, so more people can benefit from them and heal.

I am very happy to be working with you and sharing my techniques, so you too, can turn another page in your life and find the relief from pain of love and relationships issues  you so much deserve.

I Am Ready to Make a Change Now

“It worked very well for me, especially for my body issues. I had some bad scratches [deep cuts/wounds] and after two days they were gone.”

Raygene Coco
coco how to get your ex back

“I was so distraught after I found out my long distance boyfriend was cheating on me the entire time we were together that I could only sleep after finishing a bottle of wine and taking sleeping pills. My life was a trainwreck and I was abusing my body with sleeping pills to just stop my mind from driving me crazy.  Freedom From Fears & Overthinking did exactly that… it liberated me from that downward spiral. It saved my life by giving me back peace and sanity. Thank you Graham, you’re a miracle man.”

Lisa Wilson, New Jersey U.S.A.

I Am Ready to Make a Major Change Now