Get To Know More About Your Holistic Health

“To truly regenerate, to find what we are seeking, we must change from within.”

― Heidi DuPree

It’s normal to think of yourself as a body plus mind / emotions. Most of us are used to talking about our physical health and our mental health in a way that draws a clear line between the two. However, the reality is that they are not separate entities but aspects of yourself that directly impact and influence each other.

Holistic Healthcare Definition

This is the form of healing that considers the whole person and how you interact with your environment. For you to be considered well, there are 5 aspects of holistic health that must not be neglected. These are mental health, emotional health, physical, social and spiritual health.

Get To Know More About Your Holistic Health FI

The main holistic health examples that subtly connect up your entire state of wellness include your physical state that forms the foundation of your health, your nutrition that’s determined by your diet and cooking style, your mental state as it is influenced by the use of mindful meditation, your enhanced energy healing and the holistic arrangement of your home, designed to provide a highly vibrational, tranquil sanctuary.

Added to this is another aspect of your being, which is your energy body. We’ll explore that in more detail next week, but it, too, is a vital part of how you think, feel and experience the world.

Together, these different dimensions of holistic health make up the whole of you – your holistic being. It’s important to understand that each area of your holistic ‘Self’ impacts other areas, which is why only focusing on one area of healing (for example taking an antispasmodic for a sore stomach) will just take you so far with healing, as it’s only treating a symptom rather than addressing a root cause of your problem.

Our emotions can have a powerful effect on our physical bodies (just think about how you ‘feel’ emotions physically – such as a painful stomach when you’re nervous, or aching shoulders when you feel stressed.)

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Your Energy Body

So, what is your energy body? Well, as you are probably aware from developments in the last few decades about the ‘building blocks’ of the universe, when you dial things down to the most basic level, smaller than the atomic level, everything is made up of vibrating energy.

This includes you, and so your energy body is the subtle way that you experience the world. It can directly impact your physical and emotional state because it interacts with the way your emotional and physical bodies express themselves.

Your energy body is the place where you find you get intuitions about things, or you connect with other energies that many people can’t currently perceive through our usual senses like smell, sight or touch.

It connects you to the subtle energies of other people, and to the energy of the world.

We often refer to this as the metaphysical ‘5D’ world.

One of the key ways that your energy body maintains health and connects with the energy world around you is via your chakra system. We’ll explore this in more detail later on, and see how the chakra system can be affected in many different ways by emotional and physical stress.

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For now, it’s simply enough to be aware that you are a holistic being and that these different components of holistic health affect one another, especially when you are experiencing powerfully negative emotions. This is why it’s very important for you to take steps to identify what impacts you negatively within your physical world or ‘3D’ reality – the food you choose to eat, who you choose to share your emotions with, the kinds of people you regularly spend time with, even the sort of media you consume (are you a negative news junkie, or a social media addict, for example?), because this will have a direct impact on your energy body.

Yes, it’s perfectly possible to cause extra damage to your energy body via the movies you choose to watch and the people you surround yourself with!

Starting to become more aware of how people, places, events and other energies impact you not only physically and emotionally, but through your energy body, is a powerful way of helping you learn how the choices you make each day affect you on all levels, and this can guide you on how to achieve holistic health.

This might sound like a lot to take in if you aren’t familiar with thinking about your healing from a holistic point of view. But the great news is that when you take action holistically it becomes much easier to make positive changes that impact you in all areas of your life.

Time To Ground!

Now you have a clearer idea of how your different ‘bodies’ work holistically, this is a great time to practice some grounding.

Grounding is important to help you reconnect to yourself and bring deep healing.

Grounding how to get over heartbreak

It reorients you to the present and can help to manage intense feelings of hurt or pain. Being able to ground is a great skill to have, and lays the groundwork for all energetic healing. This is because, without being grounded, it’s next to impossible to heal at a core level, as you are not connecting with the most fundamental way your energy moves in the world.

It can be helpful to think of grounding from the point of view of visualising yourself as a tree. Grounding is the mechanism you use to put your energetic roots into the earth. These roots are what you need to experience deep nourishment and strength. Remember, a tree’s root system is large and complex, and a tree’s branches can only grow in proportion to the size and strength of those roots. So, the deeper your roots are, the wider and higher your branches will be.

Set your healing intention and be open to receive. Then listen to the grounding guided meditation, which will help to calm you so that you can think more clearly.

Coming up next: Ever wondered why your chest feels like it will explode after a terrible argument with a romantic partner? Find out exactly what happens to your physical body when you go through a breakup, and what you can do to take away the pain and frustration, the HT way.

HT Toolkit


Grounding Guided Meditation

This guided meditation is one of the most fundamental to your healing process – it will help you to ground, balance and cleanse. Grounding is incredibly important as it helps to connect you back to yourself, realign your energy body and access the healing power of the Earth.

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Trinity Healing

Reaching a state of Trinity is where your mind, body and soul are balanced, allowing your innate sense of inner calm to return to the surface. Tune in and listen to this powerful holistic frequency before you go to sleep every night, as it will align your mind, body and energetic body, helping you to become balanced.

Wake Up Feeling Rested and Energised

If you keep waking up tired, no matter how many hours of sleep you have had, this frequency will help you enter a deeply restful sleep that allows you to wake rejuvenated and full of energy. This way, you can feel properly rested and ready for positive activities that support your healing.

Making Peace with Heartbreak

The Heartbreak frequency is our namesake holistic healing frequency that will help you face your feelings of pain and hurt so that you can properly process your current situation.  It will enable you to gain a level head to decide what your next course of action should be, and relieve you from anything clouding your judgment, while giving you precious peace of mind. This is the one frequency that will assist you on your HT healing journey, and help you deal with the feelings of pain and hurt you are currently experiencing because of trouble with love, relationships, career or any other important part of your life. This specialised heartbreak frequency is an effective form of sound medicine that offers fast-acting relief and frees you from the weight of burdensome emotions caused by heartbreak.

This is very powerful, so it is strongly recommended you first listen to the Grounding Guided Meditation and Alleviate Stress & Anxiety or Freedom From Fears & Overthinking (or all three if you are having a more difficult time than usual) in order to prepare yourself for this transformative experience.

When You Can’t Fall Asleep

Insomnia frequently goes hand in hand with loss or grief or just sadness, and you might end up sleep deprived when you need to rest the most. Lack of energy can affect both your emotional and physical well-being and many people who are going through hardships such as breakups, family issues, job loss, failing a test or general uncertainty know this very well. This audio can help you relax and take your mind off emotions and events at night, so you can drift off into a proper sleep.

Alleviate Stress & Anxiety

You can experience hurt, sadness or heartbreak caused by career challenges, by love, or relationships and they can impact all aspects of life, leaving you increasingly anxious and stressed. The soothing effect of this frequency helps you find a greater sense of calm and peace, escape from your elevated levels of stress and anxiety so that you gain the strength to make practical changes in your life.

Freedom from Fears & Overthinking

Sometimes you can find yourself in a rut, stuck and unable to move forward. Feeling like this is more common than you think… The fear of change, the unknown, or trepidation about the way you are currently feeling can prevent you from moving forward. If this is how you feel, listen to this frequency to put the monkey mind to rest and liberate yourself from fear.

Private Sessions For Deeper Healing

Do you feel you need more support than what the frequencies available on this site can provide? Do you feel depleted and want to learn how to get your energy back from toxic people? Please know that you aren’t alone and there is a way to put a spring back into your step.

If you happen to be a natural empath, a healing session with Graham will be especially helpful for letting you claim back all the fragmented energy that is out there in the world and stopping you being exploited by people who are dragging you down with their out-of-control emotions and non-stop dramas.

These private sessions are incredibly powerful and will result in quantum leaps in your healing, personal development and vibrational upgrades – this will result in the easier and faster manifestation of romantic relationships that actually work, not to mention wealth and abundance in your career, plus many more positive outcomes.

Connecting with Graham through private sessions will increase the efficacy of all the healing frequencies available on this site.

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