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Do You Recognise Yourself in Any of the Following Scenarios?


You are certain you have found ‘’the one’’, but your relationship is too intense or chaotic, you almost feel like you are on a roller coaster ride, constantly going on and off. You want this partnership very much, but you don’t know how to handle it.

 No matter how hard you try or what you do, you just can’t let go of a past relationship and moving on seems an impossible task. You are hurt, depressed, devoid of hope,  and it feels as if there is no end to this vicious circle of negative post-breakup emotions.

All your negative experiences in love and failed relationships have left you feeling that you will never meet that special someone who is just right for you. There is nothing you would like more than a healthy, loving relationship that is going to last, but you are losing hope that you will ever find the love you are yearning for.

You are feeling stuck in your life and career, concerned about the future, and nothing seems to be moving forward. You know you are in a rut, and not living up to your fullest potential. You want to get ahead and make changes, but you are not sure how to do this, or even where to start.

If this is you, be assured that you don’t have to go through this alone.

These struggles don’t define you.

I know this as I have seen these types of situations thousands of times with thousands of clients over  time. You can trust me when I say that there is much more to you than you think.

If you are  still reading this, it means that you are a wounded warrior, but you are about to learn how strong and brave you really are. You might not be aware of this now, but you are on the right path towards the change you desire, and I can help and guide you on this journey.

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What Do You Really Need?

You can’t let go of a past relationship or want your ex back (badly):

Are you stuck with all the negative emotions caused by a breakup, you want your ex back and don’t know how to deal with it?

Do you wish that your ex was yearning for a relationship with you again?

Is  being fought for, admired and acknowledged by your ex-partner what you desire the most right now?

Did the breakup leave you completely shattered, and fixated on the past because your ex-partner won’t admit he was mistaken?

Are you afraid to go with the flow and find yourself  overthinking and overanalyzing everything?

You are experiencing the Twin Flame journey:

Do you feel tense and lost, not knowing how to deal with turmoil during the Twin Flame ascension stage (or any of the other stages)?

Do you want to finally find stability in your relationships and/or Twin Flame union, pursue a life of abundance and raise your vibrations but you feel blocked and confused and unable to get to what your heart desires the most?

You need to bring your life to the next level:

Do you find it hard to stay focused on your goals?

Have you lost confidence in your abilities and  struggle with self-esteem? Is your inner critic putting you under a lot of pressure, making you feel weak or inept, or just never good enough?

Is lack of motivation and discipline affecting your path to becoming a better, healthier version of yourself? Does even finding energy to go to the gym feel like an impossible mission ?

Do you fight with depression?

Is your anxiety stopping you from enjoying life and going after your dreams?

Are various hardships taking their toll on you, leaving you helpless and hopeless, feeling almost as if your life is out of control, with no end in sight for the pain you are experiencing?

Is your quick temper complicating your relationships and other areas of life?

Are you easily frustrated when you face delays and obstacles in life?

Do you have creative blocks and find it hard to express yourself?

Do you have trouble with performance in any area of your life?

Have you been suffering from insomnia lately?

Is binge eating your greatest enemy?

Do you find it hard to love your body because you are struggling with weight?


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Who Am I?

Graham-Elkin-how to get my ex back

I am Graham Elkin – a Psychic, Medium and Healer. Having gathered a  wide experience in more than 25 years of spiritual guidance, love and relationship matters have become my core expertise. I specialise in soul connections such as Twin Flames, Soulmates, Karmic partners and everything  in between.

I am not one to sugar-coat things, but trust me when I say I know how important tangible results are, so if you are ready to seek the truth and find real answers, then I am the right spiritual advisor for you.

With the help of my gifts, the power of your higher self and spirit guides, I can assist you on your healing journey and help you find closure, remove blocks and limiting beliefs so you can raise your vibration and attract the love your heart desires.

I work directly with your higher self  because it knows what is right for you, and it won’t allow anything that is not aligning with your greatest and highest good. No matter what you are going through, with my guidance and the power of your higher self, I can help you navigate life’s most difficult situations. We can work together to get you into alignment with the frequency of abundance, creating wealth and lasting change in your life.

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How Can I Be of Help?

Listed below are some of the services I provide:

 Accurate Psychic Readings


 Guidance for Twin Flame Union

 Healing services for Twin Flames during Separation and Runner & Chaser stages

 Coaching to help you attract an ex-partner and get them back

 Guidance and healing to get over an ex-partner

 Connecting with loved ones who have passed away

 Spiritual healing to help you attract new and lasting love

 Manifesting wealth & abundance

 Manifesting career goals and getting ahead in life

 Accurate psychic advice for investment and personal finance

 Removing blockages by balancing and rewiring the 7 Chakras

 Relationship recovery and removing baggage from past relationships for a fresh new beginning

 Astral matchmaking and connecting your higher self with higher selves of others ( Please inquire during your private session)

 Love and relationship coaching for couples

 Love and relationship coaching to attract the right partner and form a lasting relationship with the help of my mediumship and psychic abilities

 Protection against negative energies and people

*** CUSTOM SERVICES AVAILABLE: There is nothing too big, too small, or too complicated. With the correct mindset and vibration, nothing is impossible.***



Powerful Energy & Sound Healing Sessions For When You Need Help

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“I am Margarita, from Chile, I am in Bali now. A short time ago I had a healing session with Graham. My experience was very positive. From the very beginning I succeeded in connecting very well with him. I relaxed a lot and felt lots of energy, I saw many colours and really got a sense of detachment. And when I woke up I felt renewed. I have problems with my shoulders and my arms and I really felt a huge alleviation of this condition. The following three days I also felt that my body was working and I had a connection, and I was able to get rid of lots of stress. I really felt a great sense of relief. I have great respect for Graham, I feel he is a great healer/therapist, he really has a gift. Thank you.”


“My experience with Graham was really positive, and I recommend him. I visited Graham to see what patterns or what issues were there that end my relationships, and the truth is he detected the blocks I had. And he was very good and assertive in detecting how to work on my emotions. The truth is that at first the music or the sounds were a bit strange, but eventually I succeeded in relaxing. And the fact of working with frequencies – I feel this is a therapy that has great benefits, because most of the time you are not really aware of it, and the therapy just happens. I relaxed a lot during my session. Graham has a great talent for this. I felt great, I felt very, very well and I especially achieved a clarity that allowed me to observe my emotions and all these blocks in a more elevated manner. And also, this is helping me make more assertive decisions. I highly recommend him.”


Why Should You Work with Me?

 You will notice immediate results as the session is happening and you will feel mentally and physically relieved shortly after each session.

 My whole approach is based on reason and logic and focused on helping you find the peace of mind, reassurance and strength you need through deepening your understanding of the self.

 By focusing on healing and raising your vibration, and with the application of The 12 Universal Laws, you will harmonise with the highest energetic vibrations and attract exactly what you want to happen in your life right now.

 The rise in your vibration after sessions will bring a positive change that not only you, but people you care about the most will be able to notice and feel.

 Through direct work with your higher self in the fifth dimension, the results achieved in the third dimension will have a lasting effect.

 You will learn to reconnect with your higher self so you can attract abundance, wealth, build confidence and get into alignment with what is truly right for you.

 Through healing and continuous work with your higher self, you will open up to undergo incredible personal transformation and the results will be permanent.

 You will work with someone who has a lot of experience and is able to offer sincere compassion and understanding, in an atmosphere where you are free to be yourself and share everything that burdens you without feeling judged or criticised.

 Every session means progress and is carefully designed to take you one step further, bringing you closer to what you desire.

 Instead of finding temporary solutions to your problems, you will undergo the process of healing which permanently removes blockages that are stopping you from living the life you want and deserve.

 No matter what difficulty you are going through, with continuous sessions, you will be provided with support and be able to find a stable place to mentally and emotionally rest from the hardships, so you can heal at your own pace and regain your strength.

 Through coaching and personalised guidance you will be able to learn how to use the law of attraction to manifest what you want and turn your desires into tangible results.

 You will always have a place to look for counsel and guidance when you are feeling scared, lost or confused.

 You will work not only with a healer or life coach, but with a friend who truly cares.

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Focus on Getting Your Ex Back

 No matter how impossible it might seem now, after sessions, you will be able to get the “spark” back with ease and make your ex-partner yearn for your presence.

 You will be able to rewire the ex-partner back to you and get their full attention in ways that will make them find it impossible to leave your side again or forget you.

 You will feel more attractive and learn how to embrace and project that feeling anywhere you go, and this will magnetically draw you ex and channel their thoughts and actions towards you.

 Through building the best version of you, instead of yearning, you will be deeply yearned for.

 If your ex is not the one for you and the relationship with him is not in alignment with your highest and greatest good, you will be able to free yourself from desiring him, while he will be faced with the mistakes he made.

Focus on the Twin Flame Experience:

You will get assistance in the awakening of your Twin Flame, by indirectly influencing and helping them face what they are running away from, so they can become aware of the Twin Flame connection.

Once both you and your Twin Flame are ready to aim towards union, you will get guidance for a smooth transition every step of the way.

If your Twin Flame is running from the connection or pursuing Karmic Partners, you will learn how to confront your wounds, remove limiting beliefs and patterns, so you can let them go and be in charge of your life again. This in turn will awaken the partner who was running away from you to become someone who is now running towards you.

You will be able to separate yourself, your energy and emotions from the energy and actions of your Twin Flame, eliminate unpleasant physical symptoms and troublesome connections to your twin.

You will be given a set of effective healing tools and support during the Dark Night of the Soul stage which are necessary for conquering obstacles and hardships in order to feel empowered and maintain and upgrade your vibrational frequency.

By learning to embrace the power of choice, you will liberate yourself from the push and pull dynamic of the Twin Flame energy.

During the Separation and Runner and Chaser stages you will be provided with healing and soul work that will provide much needed relief from emotional turmoil.

You will heal from wounds caused by the intensity and confusion of different Twin Flame stages.

You will be able to remove blocks that are prolonging periods of separation or runner and chaser stages of the Twin Flame experience, as well as whatever blockages that are holding you back from living the life you deserve.

The work on yourself will bring positive, tangible results felt not only by you, but by your Twin Flame as well.

No matter the circumstances, I am here to help you. When you decide to embark on this exciting journey, I will be there for you 100% and will not leave your side until we have attained your goals in your pursuit of happiness. Whatever your situation, I will never judge you or betray your trust.

You have questions, I have the answers. I am excited and ready to be there for you no matter what. I’m only a click away.

natalie how to get your ex back
chloe how to get your ex back

“I definitely have reached a new level of acceptance…I subconsciously let a lot of things go that I think I’m still processing. Which is really cool because Graham mentioned letting go of things from previous relationships that you carry to new relationships and I was totally doing that and not necessarily aware.”

Natalie Laine
“Since my healing with Graham, I feel more determined, clear-sighted and positive in regards to my future goals. I feel some energy blockages have been opened and I can now for the first time in my life see the vision and know that I can achieve them. I feel as if the initial negative feelings and thoughts I had have diminished. Graham has kind, caring and relaxed energy that automatically makes you feel at home in his presence. He shows compassion and you can truly tell that he is a healer.”
Chloe Dignam

“It worked very well for me, especially for my body issues. I had some bad scratches [deep cuts/wounds] and after two days they were gone.”

Raygene Coco
coco how to get your ex back
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