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Hi, I’m Graham Elkin and I would like to introduce you to my method of healing. There are many forms of holistic energy healing out there, and it seems that more people are open to the idea. I discovered I had abilities when I was around 13 years old, at the time as you can imagine that most people were closed off to that type of thing, and even scared of it. So I kept it pretty much to myself for a long time, as a realist I questioned it many times it wasn’t easy for me to come to terms with it fully. However about 12 years ago I was becoming more open to it and I soon started to get a following and was having sessions with people pretty much everyday. I was soon getting more and more attention and it lead to being filmed for T.V. a couple of times, however for some reason I didn’t feel comfortable with that direction and didn’t pursue it. I later started to work online professionally around 2010 it seemed to take off very quickly and I was making new and different connections all the time. It felt like random people were giving me messages, sometimes not realising they were doing it or understanding what the message meant. I was being told about being a healer and what I was able to do. I found it difficult to take in and believe, but after a period of this I was asked or more like ‘challenged’ to do a healing. I had mixed feelings and I guess skeptical that I could do it. I was given a while to think about it and as the person I was asked to heal was an existing client that I had been reading I decided to talk to them about it. They wanted me to do and would keep me informed of what if anything happened, Of course I did the healing! I was getting feedback straight away, and completed the healing successfully. I was in some kind of shock by it, I had a lot to think about now! I have now completed many thousands of healing since, anything from stress and anxiety, or depression and pain relief to cancer, there doesn’t seem to be any limits to what can be healed so I don’t set any. I can and will teach you how to heal close up and from distance.

Nikola Tesla said ‘ If you want to understand the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.’ We will use all three. Lots of people say they only believe in science, that’s ok but science is limited to this dimension and the five human senses. We have to step out from those restrictions there are clearly other dimensions and an energetic metaphysical world, I believe metaphysics will be a subject taught in schools at some point, after all everything is energy.
I did some live healings on the radio for a while, I was told before I started doing the shows, and after the reaction I would get, I would need to explain it. I thought it would be difficult to explain and felt that i could just do it so I didn’t need to, after all we drive cars and don’t have to know how the internal combustion engine works, we just turn the ignition on, or why the lights in our homes come on when we press the switch, right? Well no, the mechanic understands as does the electrician so I should know about my work too! So this is how I explained it…….Electrons spin around the nucleus of a cell, illness can occur when unresolved emotional issues block the vibration, all cells resonate and should be in a state of vibration. If a frequency that counters our harmonic vibration this creates dis-ease, therefore no harmony. To resonate or heal this, an entrainment or energy transfer will re-align the vibration, using this method we will heal and repair the D.N.A 528 cycles per second is the core creative frequency in nature, [ pure love ]

The energy can be named, lets say PSI, but the emphasis shouldn’t be on the name, but the characteristics of the energy. It is energy manipulation or EM, a construct is energy that has been programmed with a set of instructions to perform a task, this can be a simple ball. Two incredibly complex bodies created with artificial intelligence called thought forms energy and programming make up the components of a construct,using useing different types of energy can change how a construct will react to a programme it is given. Using energy that is associated with healing will work well with a construct designed for healing, so as our thoughts are energy it may be bio mind receptors rather than ESP or brain wave synchronisation, like being on the same wave length or frequency. PSI is not just a mortal perception or conception, we feel it in our physical body, it is first and foremost an holistic mind, body, and soul experience. We need to develop out of the box thinking, we are programmed and restrained from this, illusion needs to break, Einstein said past, present, and future are illusions even if they are stubborn ones. Is distance healing a form of PK [psycho-kinesis] or mind over matter? Is distance a factor or an illusion in a holographic simply connected universe? We all share the same energy system, this is magnification of energy, we are all connected.

I will of course simplify all the steps on this course, we all have the ability to heal. Someone that was close to me at the time said ‘you want to heal the world don’t you?’ I said ‘yes’ she said ‘you cant’ That’s maybe true but if I help one to help many, or better still help many to help many more then I am on the right track!

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