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Help is Here! Discover How to FINALLY Reclaim Your Life and Take Back Your Power to Heal

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  • Are you struggling to deal with the end of a relationship?
  • Is heartbreak tearing your life apart?
  • Are you sick and tired of trying to get over your ex and getting nowhere, even though you’ve been faithfully following accepted wisdom about how to move forward?

Then you need a powerful, compassionate support system that’s designed to empower you to truly heal and move on. You need a programme that will help you to get to the root of what’s really happening for you so you can heal from the inside out.

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The Secret to True Healing is Holistic Healing!

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Have you ever wondered why so many people struggle with heartbreak and getting over their ex – even though there’s no shortage of advice around to tell you what to do to get over your breakup?

While much of the advice you might hear about moving forward is well-meaning, it often lacks a key understanding of what true healing is – and how to achieve it.

You see, when you tackle problems from the outside by trying to force yourself to follow advice such as – fake it till you make it, think positively, lose weight, try new activities, get a new look – you’re only tackling one level of healing.

To truly heal you need to know what’s happening to you during a breakup and why. You also need to find powerful, fast-acting relief that soothes your mind, body and soul, so you can re-find your sense of calm and balance. So, read on to discover more about what’s truly happening to you, and learn the Three Simple Steps to freedom from heartache!

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Heartbreak Hell – A Unique Pain

Getting over a breakup is tough. You might be feeling lost, confused and angry about what happened with your ex. Life has lost its sparkle and so have you. But the good news is that you don’t have to go through this pain alone, and there is a way to understand what’s happening.

If you’re feeling:

  • Shocked, numb and unable to figure out how to feel ‘normal’ again
  • Tired, depressed and unmotivated about getting over your ex
  • As if your self-esteem has taken a critical hit and you can’t cope with the feeling of rejection
  • Anxious about going out and socialising
  • Distracted and unable to focus on self-care and your other commitments
  • Hurt that your ex already seems to have moved on while you’re still stuck in breakup hell
  • Confused and powerless about the future and how to create a new life without your ex
  • Frustrated that you’ve tried all the advice about getting over your ex – but nothing has truly helped…
Then you need powerful, multi-level healing that allows you to heal from the inside out via holistic healing!

How can this help? By arming you with the knowledge you need to empower yourself, while allowing effective sound frequency healing to soothe and relieve your distress.

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Why Breakups Hurt So Much – and How to Recover

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Hi, I’m Graham Elkin and I am the creator of Heartbreak Triage. I’m a Medium and Healer with a speciality in Holistic and Sound Frequency healing. In my 25 years of successfully delivering Readings and well-received Healings to thousands of people, I’ve lost count of the number  of clients who have come to me for help getting over their ex. In almost every case they were trying their hardest to move on, but remained stuck in a sea of misery and pain.

I’ve spoken with people who were simply unable to heal because they didn’t understand what was happening, and their distress was so intense they couldn’t possibly follow advice to ‘change their lives.’ In each case, I’ve helped them to begin their powerful healing journey by explaining information they often had no idea about!

Did you know that when you’re experiencing a breakup the pain you feel isn’t merely experienced in your emotional and physical body, but also in your energy body? And did you know that even if you don’t see or speak to your ex, you can remain energetically connected to them, making it next to impossible to get them off your mind and truly heal?

I created Heartbreak Triage to give you the information you need to learn about your energy body because I know that knowledge leads to real empowerment. And I’ve combined this knowledge with special Sound Healing Frequencies that are tailored to support you to move past the overwhelming emotions you’re experiencing right now.

“I met Graham at a time in my life when I was suffering through the breakdown of a special relationship. I was completely stressed out and my anxiety was through the roof. I felt like I was desperately trying everything I could to get calm, but nothing worked and I couldn’t sleep at night. The depression grew and grew and weighed me down like a ton of wet clothes. It was one of the lowest points in my life.

“From the beginning, my sessions with Graham transformed how I was feeling. I used the Healing Frequencies he gave me and listened to them according to how I felt at the moment. Soon I was able to make it through the day without panic attacks or a sinking feeling in my gut. The great thing about these frequencies – it’s easy and if you continue using them, you will find relief. Now my depression and regrets about the past have melted away. I no longer feel worried about the future, and the best part is I don’t need to rely on healing sessions with Graham to address certain difficult emotions. I feel confident and independent and I love knowing I have the frequencies and HT wisdom to return to whenever I need to.”

“This sound therapy removed the fear and anxiety I was experiencing – it completely vanished… I thought I was going to die from heartache — I will continue to go to Graham for spiritual healing as I call him the MIRACLE MAN, forever grateful.” GG.

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Introducing Heartbreak Triage & the Sound Healing Frequencies

I’m delighted to bring you Heartbreak Triage – a multi-layered healing tool that combines 18 Healing Sound Frequencies with an easy to understand, step-by-step online course that will gently guide you into holistic healing.

The very first step towards getting over your ex and reclaiming your life is to come back to a baseline of calm so you can think clearly once more, and allow deeper healing into your life. Heartbreak Triage will help you to do just that, with unique and innovative wisdom!

The Heartbreak Triage Programme is divided into 18 powerful healing modules that are consciously aligned with the Healing Frequencies. If you want to learn more about Healing Frequencies in depth please click here.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll get during the course:

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You’re not Alone! Holistic Support with the Heartbreak Community

One of the hardest parts of a tough breakup is how alone you’re probably feeling. Heartbreak is so uniquely personal that’s it can feel impossible to explain your emotions, even to yourself. Well-meaning friends and family might be sympathetic and filled with advice – but sometimes you need that bit of extra support from a loving and consciously created community.

That’s why when you join Heartbreak Triage you won’t only be getting the 18 Sound Healing Frequencies and the Heartbreak Triage Guide to Getting Over Your Ex. You’ll also become part of a growing community of people dedicated to support and holistic healing:

  • Get exclusive access to the HT Facebook group, where you can find support, share stories and engage with me and the HT Team
  • Special weekly group healing sessions with me, where you can ask questions and receive healing in a supportive and loving atmosphere
  • Access to videos and the ability to suggest special healing frequencies

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and FINALLY Move on From Your Ex!

I’m so excited to share the HT programme with you. But, I know that healing only happens for those who are truly ready to accept it into their lives. So, I’d like you to ask yourself if you’re REALLY ready to heal and move on from your ex?

Are you ready to embrace freedom, heal holistically and empower yourself to get over the pain you’re feeling?

If the answer is yes, then I invite you to join Heartbreak Triage today! We want to make the course as accessible as possible which is why HT is offering the full course for

only $47! instead of $147

Yes, you can get:

  • 18 specially designed Sound Frequencies – each designed to holistically support you with your heartbreak and healing
  • An 18-part Heartbreak Triage Course – filled with wisdom to help you understand why you feel bad – and how to reclaim your power
  • Access to an exclusive Heartbreak Triage group and group healing sessions with Graham Elkin as well as chances to engage directly with Graham for 1:1 sessions…


only $47!! instead of $147

I’m ready to heal from my ex! Please give me access to the Heartbreak Triage course today!

Heal now! Yes, I am so ready!