What Happens to Your Chakras When Your Heart is Broken

How Are Each of Your Chakras Affected in a Relationship and During a Breakup? And How to Unblock Chakras?

What Happens to Your Chakras When Your Heart is Broken FI

Your chakras can be affected by many things, such as your physical and emotional state, the food you eat, whether you meditate or not and how you generally live your life. But, the 7 chakras meaning goes way deeper. Our chakras  can also be deeply affected by the close relationships you are in. And, of course, romantic relationships can have a profound effect on your chakras. When the energy flow gets interrupted by the energy of other, we need to learn how to unblock chakras.

One of the reasons for this is the strength of the energetic bonds you form with the person you share your sexual and emotional energy with. Because you have been entwined on this energetic level, your chakras often ‘hold’ feelings, emotions, and events that occur with your ex during and after the relationship. This is why chakra relationship healing journey in case of a very painful breakup can disbalance us at many levels. Below are some ways that your chakras can be affected during your relationship and your breakup, and the healing frequencies that can help you to clear and rebalance these important energy centres.

Your Relationship and Your Root Chakra

Muladhara how to get over a breakup

Because your Root Chakra that is the red one among chakras colors is so closely connected with your feelings of safety and security, it can go into shutdown or overdrive if you feel unsafe and insecure after a breakup. If you had a high-stress relationship where you worried a lot about breaking up then your root Chakra, or Muladhara,  might have become overstimulated. On the other hand, if you have found it hard to ‘face reality’ when it comes to your breakup and have spent a lot of time denying what’s happening or fantasising about things being different, your root chakra may feel underactive. In order to heal root chakra and know how to unblock chakras, you need to identify how you feel and if this is all you, it’s time for some root chakra balancing.

Use the Trinity Healing Frequency for overall balancing, and for the root, chakra makes sure you ground each day and use the Grounding Guided Meditation. It can also be helpful to use the Stress and Anxiety frequency if you’re finding it hard to relax and focus.

Trinity Healing Frequency

Grounding Guided Meditation

Alleviate Stress and Anxiety Frequency

Your Relationship and Your Sacral Chakra

Svadhishthana steps to get your ex back

In chakras for beginners explanations, this chakra is where the sexual energy that you have built between yourself and your ex is mostly stored. This energy of sacral chakra relationships and chakra itself can interact with other energy and travel to your root or to your solar plexus and heart; however, it’s mostly focused in this area.

When your Sacral Chakra, also known as Svadhishthana, is unbalanced you may find that you have emotional overreactions or issues with pessimism and depression due to unhealthy chakra connections. You might also find that you tend to become excessively attached to people or objects in your environment. Sometimes people with issues in their Sacral Chakra have problems with codependency.

Rebalancing this chakra is really important. Grounding will help to release unwanted sexual connections and you may also find the Freedom From Fears & Overthinking frequency useful, as well as the Power of Self-Compassion frequency.

Grounding Guided Meditation

Freedom From Fears & Overthinking

Your Relationship and Your Solar Plexus Chakra

Manipura how to get over heartbreak

When you are in a relationship you can sometimes ‘give away’ your power if you spend a lot of time-fighting, or supporting an ex. This is when your solar plexus chakra, your Manipura gets imbalanced. Because this is the seat of your innate sense of personal power a messy breakup can cause issues here.

Shock is also often stored in your solar plexus so if you have had a very difficult or sudden breakup, spend time gently releasing this energy using the Shock Healing Frequency. Anger and Self-Esteem Frequencies are also useful for chakras healing as they are designed help support solar plexus healing. The focus Frequency can help you to find the motivation you need to take practical empowering steps towards healing.

Tranquility for Shock & Trauma

Soothe Angry Emotions

Boost Your Self-Esteem Frequency

Sharpen Your Focus & Concentration

Your Relationship and Your Heart Chakra

girl sun how to get over your ex

Because your ability to give and receive love comes from your heart centre it’s a great idea to spend plenty of time listening to the Self-compassion Healing Frequency to help you learn how to unblock chakras. If you feel very low or anxious then the Depression and the Stress & Anxiety frequencies can help to calm you so that you can allow your heart centre to heal.

Anahata how to overcome heartbreak. How to unblock chakras. chakras healing

Both heart and sacral chakra are deeply connected to how we feel about the other. You may find that your heart chakra, your Anahata,  feels either painful or numb after a breakup. This is normal and is a protective mechanism to help you ‘close off’ a little. Over time you can learn to open your heart and make a heart chakra connection with someone without feeling that your personal power is under threat – by learning how to unblock chakras and balancing all your chakras. This is where the Trinity Healing Frequency really comes in handy – helping you to realign and rebalance as you sleep.  Self-Compassion Frequency

Solace from Depression Frequency

Alleviate Stress & Anxiety Frequency

Trinity Healing Frequency

Your Relationship and Your Throat Chakra

Vishuddah how to get your ex back

Being able to voice how you feel is really important after a breakup and your throat chakra or Vishuddha can feel negatively impacted if you have felt unheard, or as if your needs have not been met. Arguments and toxic conversations that may have taken place between you and your ex during the breakup can also impact you here. Healthy communication is key to healing and balancing this chakra. The throat and sacral chakra connection are where our power to express the uniqueness and authenticity of our desires lies.

This is why,in order to heal, we need to first understand how to unblock chakras, as each is so deeply connected to the other.

To understand yourself better, try chakras test and use the Boost Your Self-esteem Healing Frequency and the Soothe Angry Emotions Frequency to help you to understand your boundaries and voice your wants and needs in a way that feels healthy for you. If you are a smoker, now is a great time to use the Cutting Back on Smoking Frequency.

Boost Your Self-Esteem Frequency

Soothe Angry Emotions Frequency

Your Relationship and Your Third Eye Chakra

During your relationship breakup you may have ‘known’ things weren’t right or experienced other intuitive messages – but not had them validated. This is especially true if your ex cheated on you or lied to you in some other way. If this is what you have been through, it is likely that your Anja, your third eye chakra will alarm you that something isn’t right. You might need to learn how to unblock chakras in order to fully get back in touch with your intuition and learn to trust it.

Ajna how to heal a broken heart. How to unblock chakras. chakras healing

Or you might have known the ‘writing was on the wall’ but tried to ignore that inner voice. During a relationship, your third eye is often responsible for sensing things you might not ‘know’ in other ways and it is through connecting chakras another person can influence us in a deep way we might not be able to explain.

. If you have ignored this or had the experience of someone else invalidating your experience you might be doubting your intuition.

Strengthen and cleanse your third eye by using the Break Free from Denial Frequency if you find it hard to trust your inner voice. This alongside the Power of Self-Compassion and Boost Your Self-Esteem will help you to forgive yourself and allow this chakra to balance.

Forgive & Be Kind To Yourself Frequency

Break Free From Denial Frequency

Power of Self-Compassion Frequency

Boost Your Self-Esteem Frequency

Your Relationship and Your Crown Chakra

crown chakra how to get my ex back

During your relationship, you might have got knocked off course as you merged your energy with that of another person. It’s quite common for hobbies, passions, and interests to fall by the wayside a little in many relationships. This can lead to a sense of having ‘lost’ yourself in the relationship. This is when chakra connection love gets overpowering and threatens to disbalance us.

Sahasrara how to get back with ex

You might feel scared of ‘going it alone’ but this can actually be one of the greatest gifts you will experience from your breakup. You will learn how to trust your own power and how to unblock chakras by feeling more and more empowered. Use the Freedom from Fears & Overthinking Frequency to help melt away the fear of change, and Trinity Healing Frequency to help you balance, align and refocus on your life purpose.

Fears & Gears Frequency

Trinity Healing Frequency

Trinity Healing Frequency

You can use specific frequencies to help you heal and balance problem chakras – either the ones suggested above or the ones you feel drawn to for different chakras. But if you prefer, you can use the Trinity Healing frequency which has been specially gifted to me to align your energy body and heal and balance your chakras as you sleep. Listen to the sounds that will help you understand what are the 7 chakras through guiding you to feel each center and balancing it. Your body feels all the energy.

Our series concludes in our next article with the importance of gratitude and why it is the key to manifesting the life and love you deserve!

What Happens to Your Chakras When Your Heart is Broken. How to Unblock chakras


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