Give Yourself the Gift of Going ‘No Contact’ with Your Ex…

Give Yourself the Gift of Going ‘No Contact’ with Your Ex… 2018-05-03T16:36:34+07:00

Here’s how you can Take the Next Step Towards Reclaiming Your Power

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No Contact. Do those words fill you with fear and anxiety? Does the thought of no longer speaking to your ex or checking out their Facebook bring you out in a cold sweat?

Well, Heartbreak Triage is here to let you know that No Contact doesn’t have to be traumatic! Yes, really – even if the very thought of no longer speaking to your ex feels as though you’re ripping your breakup wound open again.

In fact, going No Contact with your ex can be one of the most powerful healing gifts you give to yourself as you move past your heartache and reclaim your power.

So many people struggle with No Contact because they focus on missing their ex or feel scared about not knowing what’s happening in their ex’s life.

And yes, it’s true that the first few days of No Contact can feel strange – especially if you’ve been used to daily contact with your ex. You might still be texting your ex or meeting them for ‘break up talks.’ Or you might feel drawn to indirect contact by checking up on them on social media.

This kind of contact can feel briefly comforting when you miss your ex and feel frightened of moving on – but contact in any form with your ex keeps you stuck and prevents true healing from taking place.

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Why Staying in Touch With Your ex Keeps You Stuck – and How to Free Yourself!

When you meet someone and fall in love you build ties to them (sometimes called etheric cords) that build a connection which can remain even after you’ve broken up.

Every time you contact your ex, either directly or indirectly, you strengthen these ties and keep yourself bonded to your ex. This is one of the reasons people often struggle with having their ex constantly on their mind, or feel anxious when not ‘checking up’ on their ex.
Keeping the energetic ties you’ve built to your ex during the relationship ‘alive’ keeps you stuck in old energy that doesn’t serve your best interests.

You deserve to have space to yourself – sacred, healing space that will allow you to move on and recover from your breakup.

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Choose No Contact

Just think – how amazing it would be to wake up each morning feeling –

  • Centred, grounded and calm, without panicking about what your ex might be doing
  • Relaxed and able to focus on your own life and healing, without being distracted by thoughts of your ex
  • Filled with hope for the future because you’re no longer relying on your ex to make you feel happy or sad, and, most importantly….
  • …Filled with the energy you have reclaimed from your ex – energy you can use to truly move on and create the life you want and deserve!

Breakups are tough. But staying in old, stuck energy with your ex is even tougher. That’s why No Contact is a powerful and positive tool that you can use to find yourself again and holistically heal.

Think about all the energy you spend thinking about your ex, talking to your ex or looking at their social media and trying to figure out what their latest post means. Wouldn’t it be nice to have that energy for yourself? What could you achieve in your life if you had that extra boost for your own healing?

Find the Courage to Go No Contact with Your FREE Gift From Heartbreak Triage

At Heartbreak Triage we know how hard it can be to stay stuck in the breakup loop and feel unable to move forward.

That’s why the creator of Heartbreak Triage, Graham Elkin, created the Heartbreak Triage programme – a compassionate course filled with wisdom and support to help you feel better, alongside 18 special Sound Healing Frequencies that are uniquely tailored to support you to holistically heal your heartache.

One of these special healing frequencies is the ‘Fears & Gears’ frequency, designed especially to help you to overcome the fear you might feel at taking positive actions like No Contact as you learn to thrive once more.

Because No Contact is so important we’d like to offer you this frequency absolutely FREE.

Simply fill out the form and we’ll send you your Fears & Gears audio. Sit back, set your intention to being open to receive and allow the frequency to help you melt away your fear at going No Contact.

If you’d like to learn more about No Contact, the Sound Healing Frequencies and how Heartbreak Triage can help you to holistically heal from your breakup, then discover more about the programme and how the Sound Healing Frequencies work here.

Heal Through Sound

Download the FREE Fears & Gears Sound Frequency Here

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