Working out Is The Best Way to Workout Your Problems

Get Active!

Let’s Get Active! Embracing Proactive Energy

Working Out Is The Best Way To Workout Your Problems FI

You have probably heard the advice to get a new look, take up more exercise and improve your diet, try new activities and hobbies and maybe even take a short holiday or go travelling to help you get over your ex. Well, being active benefits more than the physical body, as importance of physical health and fitness can be seen in it’s great impact on your emotional health too.

There’s a reason why this advice is so prevalent – It really does help!

Exercise and Healing – Physical Health

Research has recently shown that “not only can exercise help in treating depression, it can also prevent people from becoming depressed again.”  So this means that exercise heals the body as a whole, inside out. The importance of physical fitness is huge, as exercise works on your mood as well as it does on your muscles. And you need to keep on exercising and engaging in physical health activities even after you get better.

Scientists do not yet understand exercise and mood enough to know exactly which type of exercise is best – or how much – but what they know is that exercise makes you heal faster emotionally.  More benefits of being physically active include:

  • People who exercise regularly have fewer symptoms of depression and anxiety than those who don’t.
  • Exercise can help you feel more in control, and this can boost your self-esteem because you’re taking an active role in your own healing.
  • Exercising helps you to avoid dangerous approaches such as drinking alcohol or ruminating on how you feel.
  • The importance of physical fitness can also be seen in how it helps you improve your confidence as you meet new challenges and reach goals, no matter how small, as well as helping you to feel good about your body.
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Get Moving!

It’s not easy to come up with a “physically active” definition, or fit all it conveys into one sentence.  What does this mean exactly? Why is taking good care of physical health so important? If you’re not quite ready to spend 3 hours in the gym or go for a 5K run, then try some gentle stretching and moving at home. Yoga, Pilates and ballet stretches are all excellent to help release pent-up energy and tension in your muscles. The importance of physical fitness is great, so feel free to pick what suits your body the most, as, after all,  the type of exercise you choose should always help you relax and feel good.

Aim for just 10-15 minutes a day to begin with and allow yourself to enjoy connecting to your body gently and with awareness and acceptance.

Now you are ready to start taking small but positive actions each day to improve not only your physical health but most of all, support your healing and re-engage with your life, away from your ex.

The rule of thumb here is to take up positive activities when you get a chance. Go out with friends, go to a class, take time to see family or grab lunch with a trusted work colleague.

If you’re not quite there yet, don’t worry! There are also some core activities that you can do at home that will help you to start small and then build up to trying to achieve larger goals, improving your physical health more and more. As time goes by, you will be able to feel all the effects and understand the importance of physical fitness in all aspects of your life.

Mindful Resting

Mindful resting is taking the chance to truly relax and allow yourself to switch off. This can mean taking a long bath and reading a great book. It can mean doing Mindfulness Practice to help you calm your body and mind. It can mean simply giving yourself a break and taking some time to dedicate to rest. Whatever your version of rest is, know the importance of physical fitness is equal to importance of a good rest in our lives.

Your physical, emotional and energetic body has been through a lot lately so it’s important to give yourself proper R&R time. This is a proactive time for you to dedicate to self-care and self-compassion.

Clear Out Your Clutter

The Healing Frequencies are very much geared towards helping you to release energy and heal from the negative effects of harmful energy. Much of the time, we are not fully aware of the importance of physical fitness, but what is also blocking us is the clutter around us. It’s a great idea to support this by not only taking care of your physical health, but also having a clear out of your physical surroundings.

The objects you own have all built up energy over time and if you find that your house has become cluttered with stale energy, it can add to your feeling stuck and lethargic. You don’t have to go mad doing a top to bottom spring clean, just choose one room or area at a time and decide what you would like to keep and what can be disposed of or ideally given away or recycled.

Clearing out physical clutter can bring fresh life into your home – and to you.

Try One New Activity

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When you feel ready, it’s a great idea to try one new activity that you wouldn’t normally do. This can be outside of the house in the form of a class or activity. Or you could take up a home-based hobby. Crafting, creative writing, photography, building your own cupboard – all great ideas to keep you busy and build positive new connections in your life by learning a new skill.

Physical Health – Let Go of Habits That Aren’t Serving You

Whether it’s giving up or cutting down on smoking and drinking, stopping your junk food habit, letting go of overthinking and worrying, or any other habit that you know isn’t serving you – now is the time. Because, once you do, both your mental and physical health will greatly improve and the importance of physical fitness will actually be felt, both mentally and physically.

The Motivational healing frequencies can help to get you more energised and confident so that you can focus and start to take steps to replace bad habits with ones that will bring you closer to where you really want to be – healed and happy.

Here’s a reminder of the ‘Creating Movement’ frequencies:

Sharpen Your Focus & Concentration

Finding your focus again can be a challenge. If you have new activities coming up – a job interview, an exam, trying a new hobby – or you just need to be able to clear your mind so you can concentrate, listen to this frequency to help you re-find that focus!

Kickstarting a Positive Lifestyle Change Frequency

When you want to kickstart a new lifestyle habit, this frequency is great for providing the support for you to do so. It will help you to make the inner adjustments needed to get going on a new lifestyle habit that really has the power to help you feel better, inside and that will have immensely positive impact on your mental, emotional and physical health. It can be very helpful for areas such as losing weight or getting physically fitter, as the frequency helps your subconscious to adjust to send you supportive messages to encourage eating healthily and finding the motivation to exercise.

Cutting Back on Smoking Frequency

When you’re going through a tough breakup it’s tempting to reach for that extra cigarette. However, as you know, smoking is highly damaging to you energetically and physically, so cutting down and stopping altogether can make an enormously positive difference to your life.

Listen to this frequency if you feel yourself reaching for a cigarette and it will lessen your craving.

Wake up Feeling Rested & Energised Frequency

Do you keep waking up tired, no matter how many hours of sleep you have had?  This frequency will help you reconnect with your internal clock, and return to your natural sleep-cycle rhythm, improving your overall health, both mental and physical health. The best way to understand the importance of physical fitness is to make changes in your life that involve physical activity, combined with proper sleep and a good diet. Set this frequency to play 10 minutes before your alarm is due to go off, so that you wake up feeling as if you have enjoyed a  deeply restful sleep. Once you have adjusted to this frequency, if you want to continue to start the day with it, you can set it as your alarm sound. This allows you to wake up every day feeling properly rested, rejuvenated and full of energy, and ready for the positive activities that support your healing.

Relief from Headaches & Hangovers Frequency

Ok, let’s face it – sometimes a glass (or five) or wine can give you the boost you need to get through a difficult night without your ex. However, waking up with a hangover is no fun (and it’s wise to cut down on drinking as much as you can when you are ready) so use this frequency to help give you relief. If you are suffering from migraines or tension headaches this frequency will also help to clear your mind and provide relief from pain.

Overall, the benefits of being physically fit go deeper than physical health; they help you heal emotionally, just as providing a counterbalance with mindful resting, engaging in fresh new activities and ridding yourself of superfluous habits contribute to your healing. The importance of physical fitness is huge and, of course, all of this is made even better when you add the frequencies to this process.

“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.”

— Anaïs Nin

Next time continue on your healing journey by learning how to reclaim your power through reframing your breakup.

Private Sessions For Deeper Healing

Working Out Is The Best Way To Workout Your Problems PIN

The hardest part of starting a new health and fitness regime is always the initial stage when it is so easy to lose heart and slip backwards to square one. This is when a healing session with Graham will give you the impetus to launch yourself into a healthy lifestyle with the right attitude to break through the wall of inactivity that is holding you back. Even a 30 minute session will improve the effectiveness of the active sound frequencies, making it much more likely that you will stay motivated and be able to build the self-discipline you need to make it all seem effortless: once again feeling happy to wake up early, jump out of bed, head off to the gym for a yoga class, etc.  You will also find it easier to achieve balance in controlling your appetite, making weight loss goals less of a challenge, and part of a natural, sustained positive approach to your well-being that is easy to maintain. So if you let Graham give you that necessary boost, overcoming that first big step, the frequencies will then do their magic.

If you happen to be a natural empath, a healing session with Graham will be especially helpful for letting you claim back all the fragmented energy that is out there in the world, and stopping you being exploited by people who are dragging you down with their out-of-control emotions and non-stop dramas.   

These private sessions are incredibly powerful and will result in quantum leaps in your healing, personal development and vibrational upgrades – this will result in the easier and faster manifestation of romantic relationships that actually work, not to mention wealth and abundance in your career, plus many more positive outcomes.

Connecting with Graham through private sessions will increase the efficacy of all the healing frequencies available on this site.

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