Reset & Radical Self Care Frequencies Bundle

Reset & Radical Self Care Frequencies Bundle




This bundle contains the following frequencies:

Making Peace With Heartbreak

Freedom From Fears & Overthinking

Alleviate Stress & Anxiety


The Making Peace with Heartbreak frequency is a general holistic healing frequency that will help you face your feelings of pain and hurt so that you can properly process your current situation and attain closure, or gain a level head to decide what your next course of action should be, thus relieving you from anything clouding your judgment while you gain precious peace of mind.

A breakup can elevate your levels of stress and anxiety, and our Alleviate Stress & Anxiety frequency will help you find a greater sense of calm and peace so you can begin to make practical changes to support your healing.

Are you feeling stuck and unable to move forward? This is a really common experience and often translates to overthinking and fear –   of change,  of the unknown or even of how you are feeling. When your fear takes over it can prevent you from moving in the right direction. Listen to Freedom From Fears & Overthinking to clear your mind. Once you put an end to fear, you will find yourself freed from the prison of of overthinking, and you will finally be able to experience the joy of having peace of mind.

How to Use

Before you surrender to the soothing and transformative power of these frequencies, find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. Take a few deep, cleansing breaths and repeat to yourself three times: “I am open to receive’’. Say it out loud, or repeat it silently if you feel more like it. This will help you open your heart and mind to receive the healing more effectively.

For the best results, listen to the frequencies with headphones. You can listen to each frequency as many times as you need, so feel free to repeat them as often as you feel drawn to use them.

Some of the frequencies have sounds that may seem unusual to you, such as scratching. All of the sounds are there for a purpose, however, so focus on your wellness intention, and relax.


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