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  • Healing Course
  • Without forgiveness, it’s very hard to move forward. Forgiving yourself is vital to your healing. This means learning to accept anything that has happened that you feel guilty about, ashamed about or has damaged your self-esteem. This frequency will help you to allow the energy of forgiveness into your being so that you can truly move on and find freedom – in peace and power!
  • This frequency will help to lift that dark fog and get you out of the ‘numbness’ stage. I know one of the toughest parts of feeling depressed is the sense of tiredness and lethargy it can bring, as well as feelings of hopelessness.
  • Freedom from Fears & Overthinking

    Are you feeling stuck and unable to move forward? This is a really common experience and often translates to overthinking and fear - of change,  of the unknown or even of how you are feeling. When your fear takes over it can prevent you from moving in the right direction. Listen to Freedom From Fears & Overthinking to clear your mind. Once you put an end to fear, you will find yourself freed from the prison of of overthinking, and you will finally be able to experience the joy of having peace of mind.
  • Getting a bad night’s sleep is awful at the best of times – let alone when you’re dealing with heartbreak! You need a good night’s sleep to be healthy emotionally and physically, especially if you are heartbroken to avoid the events and emotions from playing on a loop through your mind. Listen to this audio to help you relax and drift off into a great night’s sleep.
  • Going through a breakup can be an enormous shock, especially if your breakup was sudden, unexpected or involved a lot of trauma and pain. Shock can also be stored as an emotion in your energetic body if it’s not processed at the time of the event. Use this frequency to help relieve any feelings of shock that are causing you pain.
  • Anger is a natural response to pain and hurt. Being able to feel your anger and safely express it is important for your healing. However, sometimes anger can become overwhelming and damage both ourselves and those around us. Use this frequency to help dissolve intense anger so you can process it and feel better.
  • Denial is tricky because often we don’t let ourselves know we are in denial! However, if you are having trouble accepting the end of your relationship, or you’ve been bottling up how you truly feel, then this frequency can help you! It gently helps to release your denial so you can gain more clarity and allow true healing to begin.
  • Boost Your Self-Esteem

    It’s hard not to feel your confidence knocked when you are going through a breakup. If you feel rejected or are beginning to look at yourself negatively then now is a great time to boost your self-esteem. This frequency will help you to find your innate self-esteem once more so you can be kinder to yourself and remember how amazing you really are.
  • Building self-compassion and being kind to yourself is one of the most important healing tools in your toolkit. Sometimes we beat ourselves up at the end of a relationship, wishing we’d done things differently. Use this frequency to give yourself an extra boost of love and compassion – you deserve to feel good about yourself!
  • Finding your focus again can be a challenge. If you have new activities coming up – a job interview, an exam, trying a new hobby – or you just need to be able to clear your mind so you can concentrate, listen to this frequency to help you re-find that focus!
  • When you want to kickstart a new lifestyle habit, this frequency is great for providing the support for you to do so. It will help you to make the inner adjustments needed to get going on a new lifestyle habit. It can be very helpful for areas such as losing weight or getting physically fitter, as the frequency helps your subconscious adjust to send you supportive messages to encourage eating healthily and finding the motivation to exercise.
  • When you’re going through a tough breakup it’s tempting to reach for that extra cigarette. However, as you know, smoking is highly damaging to you energetically and physically, so cutting down and stopping altogether can make an enormously positive difference to your life. Listen to this frequency if you feel yourself reaching for a cigarette and it will lessen your craving.
  • Set this frequency to play 10 minutes before your alarm is due to go off so that you wake up feeling as if you have enjoyed a  deeply restful sleep. Once you have adjusted to this frequency, if you want to continue to start the day with it, you can set it as your alarm sound. This allows you to wake up every day feeling properly rested, rejuvenated and full of energy, and ready for the positive activities that support your healing.
  • If you are suffering from migraines or tension headaches this frequency will also help to clear your mind and provide relief from pain. Let’s face it – sometimes a glass (or five) or wine can give you the boost you need to get through a difficult night without your ex. However, waking up with a hangover is no fun (and it’s wise to cut down on drinking as much as you can when you are ready) so use this frequency to help give you relief.
  • Trinity Healing

    This powerful holistic frequency will align your mind, body and energetic body, helping you to become super balanced. Listen to this frequency before you go to sleep every night and allow it to align you to Trinity. Reaching a state of Trinity is where your mind, body and soul are balanced, allowing your innate sense of inner calm to return the surface.
  • A breakup can elevate your levels of stress and anxiety, this frequency will help you find a greater sense of calm and peace so you can begin to make practical changes to support your healing.
  • The Heartbreak frequency is a general holistic healing frequency that will assist you to face your feelings of pain and hurt so that you can properly process your current situation and provide yourself with closure or gain a level head to decide what your next course of action should be thus relieving you from anything clouding your judgment while gaining precious peace of mind.