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18 Great Frequencies Designed to Help Mend Your Broken Heart!

Heartbreak Triage comes with 18 unique Sound Healing Frequencies that have been specially designed to help you with the symptoms of heartbreak. These frequencies have been gifted to me as a Medium and can be used as often as you need to help relieve your pain so you can think clearly again and start to truly heal.

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The harp was an ancient sound healing tool

Everything in the Universe is made of energy that vibrates – from the objects around you to the elements of nature such as the sea or a tree, to your body itself. Many things can affect the way your energy vibrates – and your thoughts and emotions are included in these.

The 18 Frequencies

The 18 Sound Healing Frequencies help you to heal different symptoms of heartbreak and have been divided into four main areas of healing.

Throughout the Heartbreak Triage course you’ll be given advice on which frequencies will work the best for each different symptom you’re experiencing – everything from stress and anxiety to fear of the future. The frequencies will also provide the impetus to finding the motivation you need to create new and positive change in your life.

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I want you to experience the powerful effects of the Sound Healing Frequencies for yourself, so I’m offering you the Self-Esteem Frequency – absolutely free!

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