Twin Flames

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Focus on the Twin Flame Experience:

You will get assistance in the awakening of your Twin Flame, by indirectly influencing and helping them face what they are running away from, so they can become aware of the Twin Flame connection.

Once both you and your Twin Flame are ready to aim towards union, you will get guidance for a smooth transition every step of the way.

If your Twin Flame is running from the connection  you will learn how to confront this, and be in charge of your life again. This in turn will awaken the partner who was running away from you to become someone who is now running towards you.

You will be able to separate yourself, your energy and emotions from your twins energy and  eliminate unpleasant  and troublesome connections to your twin.

You will be given a set of effective healing tools and support during the  stage which are necessary for conquering obstacles and hardships in order to feel empowered and maintain and upgrade your vibrational frequency.

By learning to embrace the power of choice, you will liberate yourself from the push and pull dynamic of the Twin Flame energy.

You will heal from the intensity and confusion of different Twin Flame stages.

You will be able to remove blocks that are prolonging periods of separation or runner and chaser stages of the Twin Flame experience, as well as whatever blockages that are holding you back from living the life you deserve.

The work on yourself will bring positive, tangible results felt not only by you, but by your Twin Flame as well.

No matter the circumstances, I am here to help you. When you decide to embark on this exciting journey, I will be there for you 100% until we have attained your goals in your pursuit of happiness. Whatever your situation, I will never judge you or betray your trust.

You have the questions, I have the answers.  I’m only a click away

During the Separation and Runner and Chaser stages you can have a healing and that will provide much needed relief from emotional turmoil, it will help you with the feelings you are going through and raise your vibration, and  you will feel much more empowered to deal with your connection. I can after the first healing which is focussed on you, channel through you to your twin. This will get them to face up to their lesson in the twin process, instead of running away from it! These healings take 11 minutes 11 seconds to complete, you will feel a shift pretty much straight away, and in fact during the healing.