Soul connections: How Karmic Relationships, Soul Mates and Twin Flames Change Us

One of the greatest ideals we build in our lifetimes is the ideal of true love, the ideal of finding someone we could call a soulmate, someone who would give our life another, better quality and make us feel complete.

In our search for this ideal, we hope to establish meaningful and deep connections with the other, but we often take different paths and make compromises with ourselves in order to meet this ideal. Many of these paths lead us to unfulfilling relationships. But it is these karmic relationships that often lead us to self-development and meeting the right person for us, our dreammate.

Last week’s article was all about different kinds of relationships and the first ten types represent the paths we take in order to find true soul connections.

Soul connections How Karmic Relationships, Soul Mates and Twin Flames Change Us FI

We engage in all these relationships with one motive, and that is to find the ideal we are looking for. In this process, we stumble upon different blockages, hardships, difficult lessons we must learn. We strive for harmony and yet continue to experience a certain disconnection with our partners.

Sometimes we experience powerful connections we cannot explain rationally. We simply feel pulled towards the other and this goes way beyond physical attraction, flirting and romance as we know it. It is these partnerships that help us learn the meaning of real connection, and ultimately these are the lessons and experiences we must go through in order to find “the one”, and eventually – find ourselves. These are called soul connections.

What are soul connections?

Soul connections are energetic connections between two people for which there is no logical explanation. There is something distinctively familiar about a certain person that is unexplainable, a deep energetic connection that can’t be reasoned about, which is why understanding soul connections must be based on a deep feeling of inexplicable mutual recognition. We feel this person’s presence. We are pulled towards them and yet we don’t know why, and they are pulled towards us. When we meet these kinds of people, we just ‘’know’’ and ‘’feel’’ they are in our life for a good reason. We somehow ‘’know’’ these people and we react to them from a very basic place – our soul, and we communicate with them through energy.

These kinds of connections lead us to ourselves and are there to help us learn, heal, grow and acknowledge every part of ourselves. It is these connections that matter the most, as they don’t come from the place of consciousness and logic, but from our higher selves, our energy and spirit. Soul connections and the love they bring are one of a kind. There are different types of soul connections namely past-life connections, soulmates and twin flame connections, all carrying profound transformative energy which stimulates growth and healing.

Past-life connections (powerful karmic relationships)

Some people we meet in this lifetime carry a powerful lesson for us. We are mysteriously drawn to them  but these connections aren’t supposed to last. These people come into our lives to challenge us and when they leave  and the relationship ends, we are transformed, and that is usually a quite difficult path. These kinds of lessons are karmic and these people carry past life lessons we failed to learn and now must face in order to reach happiness and the full potential of this lifetime. These kinds of encounters are what is known as past-life connection.

These kinds of soul connections are meant  to shake us up, to change what needs to be changed deep within, but they aren’t meant to last, no matter what. The only purpose of karmic partnership is mutual transformation. When the process of learning past life lessons is over, the relationship ends as it has served its purpose. Then we must let go and move on with our lives.

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Karmic partners come to our lives to challenge us. It is not uncommon for these connections to become one of the most destructive, toxic and painful types of experiences. We are very drawn to them because to grow we need to be challenged, even though this is usually not a conscious process. We are pulled towards these ‘’heavy’’ partnerships because only that way can we  confront our demons and learn lessons we failed to learn, all in order to leave this relationship behind and mature, evolve and live a more fulfilled life.

These kinds of energetic connections usually have a strong purpose, and that is to remind us of the old wounds we carried from past lives, but no matter what, they aren’t meant to last.

These are lessons we failed to learn and our wounds that need to heal. For these kinds of relationships, a soul connection definition must be based on understanding that the purpose of a karmic relationship  is to help us shed our old skin and escape limiting behaviours . We can look at these types of relationships as some sort of spiritual cleansing. This person has come to help us experience  it all so we can let go off the baggage we have carried from a past life into this lifetime, so we can live up to our destiny, our purpose, and grow.

2. Who are soulmates?

What is  the definition of a soulmate? One of most powerful connections out there is the connection between two soulmates and it is based on deep soul connection . Soulmates feel at home with each other and usually the moment we meet this person we have a feeling they will play an important role in our lives. This kind of familiarity is more of a spiritual kind and doesn’t have such an electric power as karmic relationship, but rather a staying power.

Soulmate connections promise growth on a deep spiritual level and these kinds of people usually come into our lives when we are ready to transform and love. It is in this partnership that we experience growth through what is usually a long-lasting connection with the other soul. These connections are made to function and bring out the best in us and help us embrace our authentic power within.

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A soulmate will challenge us. It is a false belief that soulmates are tailored to have a relationship that functions perfectly.  The spiritual growth process stirred from such a connection includes learning about unconditional love, truthfulness to ourselves and to others, sometimes in a very challenging and even painful way. It will take time, dedication and a lot of lessons learned in order to achieve a spiritual state of growth, and this happens through challenges our soulmate and the very connection with them presents us with.

A soulmate will teach us to give and receive love by replacing ego-based behavior and thoughts with actions which  come from our higher self.

This is only possible because of the familiarity we feel from the beginning of this relationship, because to grow we need a solid place to start from, a place that allows us to start blooming by accepting who we are at that moment. It is our soulful partnership with them that will help us recognize parts of ourselves that are undeveloped and learn where our real potential lies. One result of soulmate connection is evolution of the spirit – evolution of our higher self through a process of connecting with another soul.

3. Twin Flame,  our other half

Finally, the rarest type of soul connections and one of the most divine, but intense experiences out there is twin flame connection, a connection of two ‘’twin’’ souls. Twin souls are created when one soul is split into two parts, two souls. This is a powerful, almost roller coaster-like experience, that has some of the elements of both karmic and soulmate connections.

It occurs when two souls which were made from the same particle, same energy source, same body and were separated a long time ago, come together again to become one. Throughout their lives, both  twin souls develop as individuals separately, not knowing there is another part of them, another part of their soul incorporated in another person. Both are trying to find love outside themselves, instead of within. It is when these two souls meet that yin and yang collide to form a whole and they transform each other in a short amount of time.

So, what does soul connection feel like when we meet our twin flame? In each twin soul there is something that inexplicably pulls the other and this goes both ways. Our twin flame has characteristics we don’t possess ourselves and the other way round.  They are here to show us something we reject about ourselves, something we still need to accept and develop within, to feel whole.

One of  the signs of twin soul connection is the push and pull dynamic that exists between two souls. In twin flame relationships, twin souls take on roles of the runner and the chaser. There is a magnetic pull between them, and yet one tends to run from it and the other chases. This runner and chaser dynamic must be created, as the twin flame relationship is meant to confront us with an overwhelming intensity of feelings in order to stimulate personal evolution through the relationship. The runner runs from intensity in search of freedom, but gets caught up in a whirlpool of twin flame love again and again, as they can run,  but cannot hide, as deep within they need and are pulled to this relationship as much as the chaser is. Separation before union is crucial and this dynamic will be the main theme of the twin flame relationship, because both know they need this relationship to grow.

It is our twin flame that pulls us towards reaching a higher level of consciousness and it pulls us fast, making us feel as if we are on one of those scary yet exciting roller coaster rides.

Usually, it is our shadow side that we experience when meeting our twin flame, as they embody it. This is why we see ourselves in them, and they see hidden parts of themselves that need to be accepted and loved in us too. Such intensity is of a higher frequency and forces us to fully see ourselves through another part of us – the other person. It is the other person’s qualities that will trigger our transformation.

Often, when they meet, twin flames are magnetically pulled into what is usually a very unstable relationship that moves the ground below their feet. It is one of those connections where we are  magnetically pulled to the other person. We feel a mix of powerful excitement and fear, uncertainty and certainty, we drift between the need to attach and detach, as this kind of connection moves us so powerfully and stirs our subconscious, our shadow and everything that was hidden.

The twin flame is there to help us learn to love these parts of ourselves. Above all, they are in your life for one reason – to help you evolve and understand your purpose, accepting yourself as a whole. But can you ever stop a soul to soul connection such as a twin flame connection?

While staying with our twin flame is ideal, it is not always the case. Such connection cannot be stopped or avoided by any rational means, as it is meant for and it is an unavoidable part of our soul searching path. After we accept all the parts of ourselves our twin flame was meant to help us with, we will be ready for the harmonious love we were always looking for.

Soul connections How Karmic Relationships, Soul Mates and Twin Flames Change Us Pin