What Are Soul Contracts and How They Affect Our Relationships

Throughout our lives, we encounter a lot of people,  many of whom are easily forgotten – in fact the majority won’t play crucial roles in our lifetime. But some leave a powerful impression and affect many areas of our existence, challenge our emotional and rational selves and ultimately cultivate change in our destiny. These are the people who meet us for a specific reason, a reason we usually are yet to discover and may not understand after the relationship has fulfilled its purpose.

It often feels like we were meant to meet in this lifetime and it is these people who have major roles in our journey of self-realisation and transformation. These are called soul contracts or soul agreements.

What are Soul Contracts?

Soul contracts are agreements we make with other souls before we are born. Souls we have contracts with will be those to bring deep changes into our lives through unique connection. These contracts are made with a special purpose, and that is to teach us important lessons we’ve chosen to learn before reincarnation. People we have soul contracts with will come to our lives for this purpose, and they will be an important and unavoidable part of our unique path.

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There are many soul contract relationships, and we make these with family members, friends, lovers and others. Before we are even born we have chosen our surroundings – our parents, where we will be born and who will be the first people to influence us. In our childhood  we start to embrace patterns and schemes of behaviour that will establish our blockages and our primal wounds, just so that we can later heal. It is these patterns  that will bring to us people we have soul contracts with, and they will come into our lives to teach us about ourselves, who we are and who we are destined to become. These soul contracts affect our relationships at a deep, profound level. After meeting each of these souls, we will never again be who we were.

These souls we have contracts with will affect our relationships in many ways, but more than anything they bring us awakenings, teach us love and how to relate with others, give us healing and help us embrace our unique path.  To find our Authentic Self.

Here is how soul contracts affect our relationships.

1. They Help Us Heal

There is a divine plan for each of our souls in this lifetime and it is these people who will help us discover our real path, help us heal, through darkness or through light. We make these contracts with other people in order to help discover ourselves and heal parts of us that need to be healed. Soul contracts we make are there to help us resolve some challenge or break a pattern we have learned, break a theme of conditioning so we can finally progress and empower our souls, by healing and growing stronger. All healing relationships through soul contracts are predestined for us.

In other words, we choose to learn from these souls before we get here on earth, they carry lessons we have to learn in this lifetime and they will accompany us on our journey for this specific purpose. Soul contracts are made to help us heal.

It is not uncommon for these contracts to carry very intense emotions, sometimes very painful. It may seem they are here just to wound us even more and add even more salt to the wound that needs to heal. But, the truth is, they are here to help us become aware of that wound, and find the cure for it within ourselves, instead of suppressing or denying it. And we have chosen them for this very reason.

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There is a theme, a focus for this lifetime we have to fulfill with other souls, and it is these contracts that change the whole perspective of relating in the future. Sometimes we can repeat these lessons, just so that we can incorporate what we have learned and heal our wounds. It is all part of our programming and the soul we have a contract with is there to help us move beyond that programming.

2. Healing Soul Mate Relationships Teach Us Love

We make those agreements at the soul level, before we get to know each other. One of the gifts we get through soul contracts is love, and probably the most powerful of connections of two souls that will teach us this important lesson are soul mate connections, karmic partnerships and perhaps our twin flame, if we meet one.

What makes these soul connections so powerful is the huge transformative potential they have. Soul contracts are made to show us the path to unconditional love by challenging us and connecting our soul with another.

With soul mates and soul contracts it is all about two people coming together with a mission to awaken each other’s capacity for unconditional love, find it within and mutually challenge personal growth. These people bring us challenges that we need to face in order to reach our fullest potential and learn about loving oneself and others.

Soul mates will show us the path to love, but will also present challenges and trials we need to go through. We will experience hardships as many times as we need, till we embrace true self-love and learn what unconditional love really is. This is why some may have many soul contracts that carry difficult lessons, but that is only because everyone has a path that is unique.  We need to make soul contracts for this lifetime to teach us about giving and receiving from a safer place, one that is not guided by fear or ego, but selflessness, light and truth. This will change the quality of all future relationships for the better, as after each encounter with another we have soul agreement with we will speak more from the heart than from ego or fear.

3. They Help Us Embrace Our Unique Path

Our relationships reflect the energy we carry within. What we project is what we believe, what we think we deserve, what we think is right and how we feel, but people we have relationships with are there for a reason, and that is to teach us how limiting this can be, and therefore show us the real path to self fulfillment. A soul we have a contract with is there to help us get rid of everything limiting and restricting, everything that is blocking us and we might not be aware of. This path might not be easy, as the souls we encounter present challenges to us, and are there to stimulate our growth.

We attract relationships with different souls to help us learn about ourselves, sometimes through support and love, but many times through challenges. They are here to remove the mask and blockages by showing us our real selves. Then we will learn it is ok to let go of things that are no longer taking us where we would like to be – spiritually, mentally and emotionally.

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We tend to project our inner needs onto others. This can be anything we need to develop in this lifetime. Whether it’s confidence, feeling worthy, feeling loved, feeling accepted and protected, a contract with another soul is made to help us find everything we need, by teaching us to look within.

4. They Improve Our Future Relationships

Soul agreements are made to teach not only the way we understand the world and others, but to understand our own needs and desires, our fears and motives. Every person we have a significant relationship with will teach us important lessons that will affect the future of our relating with others.

Every time we encounter an obstacle we transform a part of ourselves that is limiting us. We will naturally gravitate towards change once we realize our behaviours bring out the same patterns that are limiting us. Soul agreements carry different energies and lessons. Some will recur, and this will happen because it was designed to before we incarnated. Every relationship carries a potential of transformation, and this potential will be directed toward the part of us that is predestined for that specific transformation.

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When the transformation occurs, we will no longer hold on to patterns we learned. This is why all future relationships will have a much better quality to them, as we are approaching relating to others with more self-love. Some relationships will teach us how limiting our fears are, some will teach us how loveable we are. Every previous soul contract will lead to the future , and they are all part of the divine plan.

5. They Teach Us It’s Ok To Let Go

Every contract we have with another soul has a purpose. Usually, until the divine mission for two souls coming together in this lifetime is fulfilled, the contract can’t be broken, even if we are physically separated. When it’s fulfilled and we’ve learned the lesson this person carried for us, when learning is done, we have to move on and incorporate what we have learned so we can become empowered and embrace our true path.

When we know it is time to end it, when we feel it is the right thing to do, eventually  we are able to move on.  There is a reason why this specific person became your lover and there is a reason why you didn’t stay together – they had a purpose in your life and once it’s fulfilled, the contract is ended. The relationship has served its purpose. It is how soul contracts affect your life. The lesson we learned remains, and it is ok to let go of what no longer serves us.

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