Why Heartbreak Triage, Why Now?

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What’s a guy like me doing with a website like this?

You might have noticed from my profile picture that I am not exactly young OR female! In fact, since I hail from the UK and have a dry British no-nonsense attitude, and look more like a character from a Guy Ritchie movie, lots of people are a little surprised when they discover that I am not only a Psychic, Medium and Healer but I also work primarily with women!

The simple fact is that for my entire career the people who have come to me have almost all been women – I would estimate about 97%. What’s more, as the years went on I realised that by far the biggest problem they came to me with was the need for advice and support about relationships and love in general.

Will my ex come back?
Does he still love me?
Can I trust him?
Will I ever see him again?
Why did he leave me?
Why did he block me?
Does he regret breaking up with me?
Why isn’t he sorry?
Does he miss me?
Why doesn’t he miss me?
Why has he moved on so fast?
Did I mean anything to him at all?
Is my boyfriend/husband faithful?
Is he THE ONE for me or is it someone else?
When am I going to meet the one?
How will I know if he is the one?
Am I going to be alone forever?
When am I going to finally be in a loving, faithful, and committed relationship?

In these cases, many women had been finding it tough to get over their ex. They felt stuck and unable to move on. Every day a vast proportion of the women I encountered (as well as repeat clients) were having problems with their Twin Flame. Moreover, having been in a Twin Flame relationship myself at the time, I grew into an authority on the subject. You might even call me a specialist! 🙂

The bottom line is that no matter the circumstances, my clients were in absolutely no state to go through a more profound healing because they were so distressed about their breakup. I had to spend significant time helping them return to a baseline of calm before we could begin the real work. It was a kind of ‘Triage’ energy – and that is when the concept of Heartbreak Triage fell into place.

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Is Heartbreak Triage only for Women?

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The reason Heartbreak Triage is aimed primarily at women is that women have made up the vast majority of my clients. However, this does not mean that men cannot take the course and get healing benefits from it.

When I was 21 years old I got my heart broken for the first time. It was really hard on me. I didn’t like how I felt at all, it was too intense, too much of everything that just made me realise that I never wanted to feel that way again. And I never did.

It was all too much for me. So, I decided to focus my energy on being there for my clients. Throughout the years I’ve come across thousands of women who have gone through every imaginable type of heartbreak possible. They walk into my room totally in shock, sometimes utterly inconsolable, searching for answers with never ending questions as to why this happened and more “if onlys” than a person could cram into a lifetime.

In my early years as a healer, I wanted to help all of them, as I do now, but it was hard to make progress when the person I was trying to help wasn’t open. This one lady, very smart and a successful professional, just walked into my room and cried. She just cried nonstop. Sometimes that is all they can do is cry. There was no talking to her because she was too devastated, too upset. So I thought to myself, she needs something like a shot to calm her down so she won’t feel so emotional.

She was the first person to listen to my Heartbreak Frequency. It was something surreal and very special to see her face change from unrelenting tears to quiet and relaxation. As if she had woken up and the world wasn’t a whirl anymore. It was still, she had found peace. When the frequency was over, she smiled, thanked me and left.

In hindsight, eventually a person will understand that the loss of a romantic relationship is not the end but the beginning. It’s my job to take them through and on to the other side – to take them to a new place. However, you can’t build if you aren’t prepared. There is no speaking to a person who is unhinged — they are not listening to you. The feelings of fear have taken over, they have lost it. It is not about making someone see their glass as half empty or half full when they don’t even have any water in their glass at all.

Clearly the feelings and the mental state of an individual affect the physical. I approach this from the point of view of a realist who recognizes that at times like this, when someone is struggling with a difficult breakup, before I can engage with them they have to reach a place of calm and peace where they can realign and focus on healing. In effect they are vibrating at a very low level, and it’s up to me to get them out of that quicksand of their emotions so that we have a viable starting point to build on.

In my personal experience, the way the Twin Flame runner and chaser dynamic operates is that those who have more feminine energy are the chasers and those who have predominantly male energy tend to run. In my own twin flame situation, I was the chaser — it has nothing to do with sexuality.

Look, the bottom line is, you ended up here, no matter your energy or gender identity, twin flame or not, you were meant to find this. You will benefit from the Sound Frequencies and the breakup wisdom. It is the ultimate win-win situation. HT is an essential first step towards moving into the right healing mindset where you will feel like you again, and not just the shell of you. What do you have to lose?

Can you tell me more about your values of Independence and Empowerment?

Of course! While I do provide 1 :1 support, HT involves the most critical factor in your success; it is your involvement that will make things stick.

I created Heartbreak Triage because I was seeing so many women who had become so caught up in their twin flame connection that it had become obsessive. In many cases, they were spending significant amounts of time and money on seeing psychics and mediums, desperately trying to find closure.

When devastated, some will try ANYTHING to get themselves off the emotional hamster wheel from hell. For those who feel the system is rigged in their favour, it is like taking candy from a baby. The last thing you need is a massive hit to your finances while struggling with heartbreak.

Getting your feet back on the ground is necessary – in a way that isn’t going to break the bank. That is why I created Heartbreak Triage, for you to empower yourself and find independence, at a price that is accessible. Stopping you from spending thousands of dollars on healing that doesn’t work.

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What is a Twin Flame relationship?

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Every relationship we have and every moment we experience is intended to assist us in the development of our soul’s journey. One of the most challenging relationships we experience occurs when we encounter the twin flame energy.

There are various opinions and explanations as to what defines a twin flame relationship. Some claim this is the ultimate experience as you unite with the other part of your soul and experience a loving, harmonious relationship. Others believe it to be a back and forth game between a runner and a chaser. Regardless of how you define it, the common denominator remains the same – evolving through love.

Many people describe this connection as an emotional rollercoaster, full of extreme highs and lows. One minute life is perfect, and then it explodes into chaos and confusion, which is precisely what the twin flame relationship energy is supposed to do. This intense experience is meant to drive you to a higher level of consciousness in a short amount of time.

It does this by showing you various aspects of yourself that have been abandoned and need your love and acceptance. It is like a human mirror reflecting parts of ourselves back to us that still need healing and awakening, and we often dislike what we see.

Like attracts like and we are going to attract what we judge until we no longer judge what we attract. Everything that arises from the experience of twin flame energy is there to show us the parts of ourselves that need love.

Whenever we experience pain or feel as though our hearts have just been broken, the empty feeling inside is there to show us the next part of ourselves that needs healing, which can only be healed by our own love. The reason our hearts are broken is so they are no longer closed.

We cannot fill an internal void with an external remedy. We must first provide ourselves with the love and acceptance we have been looking for through someone else. The twin flame union acts merely as the catalyst for this growth to take place.

The length of time we experience the twin flame energy depends on how deeply we start loving and caring for ourselves. We will experience the endless cat and mouse game in our twin flame relationship until our energy stops seeking external fulfillment and returns within to become the source of our own fulfillment.

Once we can fulfill ourselves with our own love, we will then be ready to experience a relationship that reflects the same loving vibration back to us. This is when we experience the connection to our soul mate, one of perfect balance and harmony.

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